• Vitamins and Supplements

    What Are Food Additives

    Food additives have been used for centuries to improve and preserve the taste, texture, nutrition and appearance of food. Here’s a peak at a few categories and ingredients commonly used in the food supply and what they do. View Article

  • Nutrition

    Kids and Portion Control

    One reason kids may not be eating appropriately sized portions based on the recommended MyPlate serving sizes is that they may not recognize what a reasonable portion looks like. View Article

  • Sports and Performance

    Water: How Much Do Kids Need?

    Water is one of the body's most essential nutrients. People may survive six weeks without any food, but they couldn't live more than a week or so without water. That's because water is the cornerstone for all body functions. View Article

  • Nutrition

    Fake a Homemade Dinner

    If you don't have time to whip up a homemade meal, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a family dinner. Here are four speedy meals you can dish up without breaking a sweat. View Article

  • Celebrate

    Resources for Parents and Kids

    Learn more about how your family can shop smart, cook healthy and eat right this Kids Eat Right Month™ with healthy recipes, articles, videos, tips and more. View Article

  • Wellness

    Say "Yes!" to Non-Food Rewards

    Even though bribing children with candy to clean their rooms and eat their vegetables may lead to a clean room and a clean plate, there are many negative long-term consequences. Try these rewards instead. View Article

  • Planning and Prep

    20 Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

    With rising prices and falling budgets, it's more challenging than ever to bring home the fixings for balanced meals. Here are some tips to save you money while nourishing your family. View Article