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Food safety basics include washing, separating, safely cooking and properly storing foods to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

washing vegetables in sink

Wash and Separate Foods

Should you wash raw chicken? What is cross contamination? Get answers to common food safety questions.
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cooking on grill using a food thermometer for safety

Safe Cooking and Prep

From thawing and marinating to canning and cooking, safely prepare healthful food with these tips.
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cleaning kitchen counter

Cleaning Tips

By practicing proper cleaning protocols, you can help keep your food — and yourself — safe from food poisoning.
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storing food safely in containers

Safe Food Storage

Proper storage can extend the shelf-life of food while ensuring it remains safe to eat. Doing so can also save money and reduce food waste.
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Find a Nutrition Expert

Looking for credible nutrition information and recommendations? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' network of credentialed food and nutrition practitioners are ready to help!