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Whole-Grain Fruit and Nut Dessert Bars Recipe

Contributors: Karman Meyer, RD

Published: December 21, 2017

Whole-Grain Fruit and Nut Dessert Bars Recipe
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These soft and chewy granola-like bars make a perfect dessert and feature kamut, an ancient whole grain.


2 cups puffed kamut cereal
2 cups quick oats
½ cup dried cranberries, chopped
½ cup pecans, chopped
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
¼ cup packed dark brown sugar
¼ cup plus 1 tablespoon brown rice syrup
¼ cup dark chocolate chips


Before you begin: Wash your hands.

  1. Lightly grease a 9-by-11-inch casserole dish or baking pan. Place kamut cereal in a large, re-sealable plastic bag and close seal. Using a rolling pin, pound cereal until broken into small pieces. Combine kamut cereal, oats, cranberries and pecans in a large bowl.
  2. Place butter, brown sugar and brown rice syrup in a small, microwave-safe bowl. Heat in microwave for 1 minute and 15 seconds. Mixture should be bubbling slightly when removed from microwave.
  3. Stir mixture to incorporate all ingredients, then immediately pour over dry ingredients. Add in chocolate chips and mix together.
  4. Pour mixture into greased dish and firmly press ingredients into the pan with the back of spatula or with your hands.
  5. Let sit for at least 2 hours at room temperature. Cut into 18 bars.

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 bar
Serves 18

Calories: 137; Total fat: 6g; Saturated fat: 2g; Cholesterol: 7mg; Sodium: 11mg; Carbohydrates: 20g; Fiber: 2g; Sugars: 9g; Protein: 2g; Potassium: N/A; Phosphorus: N/A

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