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Creamy Banana Smoothie Recipe

Contributors: Stacey Antine, MS, RD, and HealthBarn USA

Published: January 24, 2018

Creamy Banana Smoothie Recipe
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This delicious smoothie is loaded with calcium to keep your bones and teeth strong! It's a favorite with the kids because it's so creamy and crunchy, and it disappears quickly, so we want to make sure you get the recipe to make it at home.


6 ice cubes
1 banana (sliced and frozen if possible)
1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
½ cup low-fat milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon flaxseeds, ground
¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ground
1 tablespoon non-fat dry milk powder
2 tablespoons graham cracker crumbs (about 2 squares)


Before you begin: Wash your hands.

  1. Place ice cubes into blender and crush ice.
  2. Place remaining ingredients into blender, except for graham crackers.
  3. Blend until smooth. 
  4. Pour into cups.
  5. Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs and extra cinnamon (optional). 
  6. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 cup
Serves 2

Calories: 210; Total Fat: 4g; Saturated Fat: 2g; Trans Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 10mg; Sodium: 180mg; Total Carbohydrate: 32g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugars: 21g; Protein: 9g; Vitamin A: 10%; Vitamin C: 15%; Calcium: 30%; Iron: 4%.

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