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  • Preventing Cross-Contact at Home

    For the 15 million people with food allergies, 3 million with celiac disease and many more with other sensitivities, avoiding contact with an offending food is a big concern. Coming into contact with a miniscule amount of the offending food can cause life threatening reactions in people with food allergies or cause damage to the intestines of those with celiac disease.

  • The Rules of Separation at the Grill

    During grilling season, cross-contamination, a leading cause of food poisoning, tops the list of food safety concerns. When juices from raw meats or bacteria from unclean items touch cooked or read-to-eat foods, cross-contamination can occur, spreading harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

  • Cross-contamination

    It's common knowledge that eating raw meat can make you sick, but you may still be at risk for food poisoning if you don't properly separate your foods to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Food Allergies, Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

    It can be quite confusing when one person avoiding gluten can't eat French fries prepared in a shared fryer, but another will take a small bite of bread pudding. The array of terminology used only adds to the confusion: allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, celiac disease.

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