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  • Food Safety During Power Outages

    During power outages, food spoilage can be a serious problem when refrigerators and freezers lose power. Consumers can help avoid spoilage and foodborne illness in their homes by making sure foods stay properly refrigerated during a power outage.

  • Keeping Your Lunch Safe

    Lunches containing perishable foods should never be left out of refrigeration for more than two hours, so reduce your risk of food poisoning with these tips to keep food safe as it travels from the kitchen to the school cafeteria or office.

  • How to Marinate Safely

    Prior to grilling, roasting or sautéing, a food is soaked in a marinade to enhance flavor and potentially tenderization or juiciness. Though a marinade can transform food from humdrum to yum, if not utilized with culinary care it can lead to food safety uncertainty.

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