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  • Is Sodium the Same Thing as Salt?

    Most table salts are made from sodium chloride. So, salt used when preparing or flavoring foods usually contains sodium. And, healthcare providers often use the words sodium and salt interchangeably.

  • Teach Your Teen about Food Panels

    If decoding the information on a food package is a challenge for adults, think of how hard it is for teens who are just beginning to make choices for themselves.

  • Understanding Food Marketing Terms

    Learn which food marketing phrases can help you make healthier choices — and which terms won’t make much of a difference to your diet.

  • The Facts about Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is high in saturated fat which may cause blood cholesterol levels to rise. While you don’t have to avoid coconut oil altogether, be cautious about how much you are using and limit your total intake of saturated fats.

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