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  • Kids Activities
    Coloring Page PDF 1.1MB
    Crossword: Home Food Safety PDF 295KB
    Crossword: Tips to Stop the Spread PDF 130KB
    Crossword: Wash Your Hands PDF 138KB
    Decode the Secret Message 1 PDF 1.1MB
    Decode the Secret Message 2 PDF 608KB
    Maze 1 (Easy) PDF 800KB
    Maze 2 (Easy) PDF 99KB
    Maze 3 (Easy) PDF 891KB
    Maze 4 (Moderate) PDF 95KB
    Maze 5 (Difficult) PDF 109KB
    Maze 6 (Difficult) PDF 109KB
    Maze 7 (Difficult) PDF 111KB
    Maze 8 (Difficult) PDF 107KB
    Word Find PDF 150KB
  • Tip Sheets / Handouts
    Cooking: Safe Grilling PDF 550KB
    Safety Tips Pictoral PDF 741KB
    Microwave Safety: Cooking Tips PDF 665KB
    Microwave Safety: Proper Temperatures PDF 727KB
    Four Easy Steps to Reduce Foodborne Illness PDF 598KB
    Keep It Cool: Refrigerator/Freezer Food Storage Chart PDF 1.04MB
    Kitchen Sponge Safety: The Do's and Don'ts of Sponge Safety PDF 921KB
    Leftover Calculator PDF 604KB
    Microwave Safety: Keeping Kids Safe PDF 601KB
    Refrigerator Safety Inspection PDF 499KB
    Safe Food Choices PDF 2.34MB
    Cooking: Food Thermometers PDF 977KB