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International Dietetics Nutritional Terminology (IDNT) Pocket Guide, 4th Ed.

The International Dietetics Nutritional Terminology (IDNT) Pocket Guide, 4th Ed. version is an abbreviated publication for implementing the Nutrition Care Process. It includes only the standardized language terminology for:

  • Nutrition Assessment (labels for specific data used in nutrition assessment and re-assessment)
  • Nutrition Diagnosis (labels for specific nutrition problems)
  • Nutrition Intervention (labels for specific nutrition interventions) and
  • Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation (labels for data used to judge effectiveness of nutrition care)

4th Edition features:

  • New nutrition diagnoses for Overweight/Obesity and Growth
  • Nutrition intervention with 10 broad categories of diets from the diet order taxonomy project
  • Addition of an Academy Unique Identifier, a five digit number, essential for data monitoring and tracking in electronic health records (EHRs).

Errata: International Dietetics and Nutritional Terminology (IDNT) Reference Manual, 4th Ed.

  • SKU: NCP418113

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