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If Your Child Is Overweight - A Guide for Parents (10-Pack)

Susan M. Kosharek, MS, RD

Family-focused and easy to follow, this edition provides guidance for parents of children ages 4-12.

The importance of physical activity and how to read food labels are emphasized. Sample menus for each age group reflect culturally diverse food practices. Sold in a package of 10.

Item #303706PK

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Table of Contents


Is My Child Overweight?
Body Mass Index
What Is Normal Growth?

Why Is My Child Overweight
Environmental Factors
Emotional Factors

What Can I Do and Where Can I Start?
Your Attitude Makes a Difference
Talk with Your Child
Set Realistic Goals
Take the Family Lifestyle Quiz
Make Family-Centered Changes
Prepare Healthier Foods
Plan and Prepare Meals Together
Schedule Regular Mealtimes
Eat Meals Together
Make Mealtime Pleasant
Avoid the Clean Plate Club
Don't Use Food to Punish or Reward
Enjoy Physical Activities Together

Plan for Snacks
Shape Portion Sizes to Individual Needs Eat Only in Designated Areas of the House
Store Food Out of Sight

Reading Food Labels

Nutritional Needs of Growing Children
Eat Less Fat and Less Trans Fat
Eat Less Sugar and Drink Fewer Sugary Beverages
Eat More Whole Grains and Fiber

Sample Menus

Special Situations
Parties and Holidays
Time with Relatives
School Lunches
Eating Out

Weight Management Programs

Health Care Professionals and Resources
Books for Parents

  • SKU: 303706PK

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