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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Client Education Handouts in English and Spanish CD-ROM

Alyce M. Thomas, RD

These handouts allow you to structure your counseling session on a single topic, such as weight gain during pregnancy, carb counting, breastfeeding or gestational diabetes after delivery. Concise, and written at a 6th grade reading level, there are 20 topics in both English and Spanish. This handy CD-ROM lets you print as few or as many copies as you wish, and when you need them.

Sample Pages

After Delivery
Being Active with Gestational Diabetes
Blood Glucose Testing
Carbohydrate Counting
Eating Out and Enjoying It
The Energy Nutrients: Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat
Food Labels and Nutrition Facts
Food Safety and Pregnancy
The Glycemic Index and Choosing Carbohydrate Foods
Insulin Use in Gestational Diabetes
Ketone Testing
Snacking and Gestational Diabetes
Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
Taking Glyburide During Pregnancy
Using Herbs and Vitamins
Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet
Weight Gain in Pregnancy
What Is Gestational Diabetes?
What to Do on Days When You Feel Sick

Each handout is available in English and Spanish!

  • SKU: 3703

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