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Research, Successful Approaches, 3rd Ed.

Elaine R. Monsen, PhD, RD and Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD

A comprehensive guide for survey planning, study and questionnaire design, and execution and presentation of research. Topics include evidence-based practice, appetite assessment, estimating sample size, economic analysis, using DRIs to assess intake and creating consumer research nutrition messages. This book is invaluable for practicing professionals and students.

Item #199908

Table of Contents

Part 1: An Introduction to Discovery Through Research in Nutrition and Dietetics

Chapter 1: Steering through the Research Continuum
Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD, and Elaine R. Monsen, PhD, RD
Forces for Research
Research in the Modern Era
Descriptive Research
Observational and Experimental Research
Integrative and Translational Research
Presentation of Research

Chapter 2: Building the Research Foundation: The Research Question and Study Design
Carol J. Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD, Jeffrey Harris, DrPH, MPH, RD, Barbara Bruemmer, PhD, RD, and Sujata L. Archer, PhD, RD
Designing a Research Study
Descriptive Research Designs
Experimental Study Designs (Randomized Trials)
Prospective (Cohort, Follow-Up) Studies
Case-Control Studies

Part 2: Establishing and Maintaining a Research Environment

Chapter 3: Conducting and Presenting Research Ethically
Elaine R. Monsen, PhD, RD
Research Error, Human Error, and Fraud
Ethics in Research Involving Humans
Ethics in Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Research
Ethical Presentation and Interpretation of Research
Ethics in Publication
Ethical Issues Related to Authorship
Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 4: How to Write Proposals and Obtain Funding
Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, MPH, RD
Grant Proposals
Where to Start
Looking for Funds
Grant Reviews
Grant Proposal Questions
Budget Section
Adhere to the Plan
If the Grant Does Not Get Funded
Increasing the Likelihood of Getting Funded
Online Resources

Chapter 5: Multidisciplinary Research
Madeleine Sigman-Grant, PhD, RD
Description of Multidisciplinary Research
Successful Multidisciplinary Research

Part 3: Descriptive Research

Chapter 6: Descriptive Epidemiologic Research
Maureen Brady Moran, MPH, Sujata Archer, PhD, RD, and Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD
Disease Frequency
Descriptive Research Design

Chapter 7: The Philosophy, Role, and Methods of Qualitative Inquiry in Research
Cheryl L. Achterberg, PhD and Susan W. Arendt, PhD, RD
Qualitative Research
Comparing and Contrasting Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
Reasons to Do Qualitative Research
The Range of Qualitative Research in Nutrition and Dietetics
Data Collection
Evaluating Qualitative Research
Limitations and Concerns with Qualitative Research

Part 4: The Conduct of Observational and Experimental Research Studies

Chapter 8: Analytic Nutrition Epidemiology
Monica E. Yamamoto, DrPH, RD, FADA
What Is Analytic Nutrition Epidemiology?
Goals of Analytic Epidemiology
Issues in Analytic Nutrition Epidemiologic Studies
Analytic Epidemiologic Study Designs

Chapter 9: Designing, Managing, and Conducting a Clinical Nutrition Study
Amy E. Griel, PhD, Tricia L. Psota, BS, and Penny M. Kris-Etherton, PhD, RD
Identifying Important Clinical Research Needs
Study Hypotheses and Objectives
Study Design
Study Participants
Dietary Intervention
Potential Problems
Quality Assurance
Data Management
Data Analysis: Primary and Secondary

Chapter 10: Interpretation and Use of Data from the National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Program
Ronette R. Briefel, DrPH, RD, and Karil Bialostosky, MS
Purposes and Research Uses of Nutrition Monitoring Data
Components of Nutrition-Monitoring Measurement
Nutrition-Monitoring Resources Available to Researchers
Getting Started on Your Own Research

Part 5: Integrative and Translational Research

Chapter 11: Meta-analysis in Nutrition Research
Judith Beto, PhD, RD
Meta-analysis Technique

Chapter 12: Systematic Reviews to Support Evidence-Based Practice
Esther F. Myers, PhD, RD, FADA, Patricia L. Splett, PhD, RD, FADA, and Suzanne Brodney Folse, PhD, RD
Evidence-Based Practice: An Overview
Systematic Reviews Used in Evidence-Based Dietetics Practice
Strengths and Limitations of Evidence-Based Medicine
Roles of Professional Societies
Roles of Government and Other Organizations

Part 6: Evaluation and Assessment Methods in Research

Chapter 13: Survey Research Planning and Questionnaire Design
Barbara E. Millen, DPH, RD, FADA, and Jacqueline A. Vernarelli, MS Survey Research Applications
Survey Research Planning
Methods of Survey Data Collection and Questionnaire Design

Chapter 14: Dietary Assessment and Validation
Rachel K. Johnson, PhD, MPH, RD, Bethany A. Yon, MS, and Jean H. Hankin, DrPH, RD
24-Hour Dietary Recall
Food Records or Diaries
Intraindividual Variability of Diet
Food Frequency Questionnaires
Potential Errors of Individual Dietary Intake Methods
Validity and Reproducibility of Dietary Intake Data
Underreporting of Dietary Intake

Chapter 15: Food Composition Data and Databases
Jean A.T. Pennington, PhD, RD Available Databases
Data Users and Data Uses
Food Analysts and Food Analysis
Data Compilers and Data Compilations
Data Aggregation
Database Features
Implications for RDs
Outlook for Food Composition Databases

Chapter 16: Using the Dietary Reference Intakes to Assess Intakes
Suzanne P. Murphy, PhD, RD, Susan I. Barr, PhD, RD, Alicia L. Carriquiry, PhD The Dietary Reference Intakes: A New Paradigm
Assessing Intakes of Individuals
Assessing Intakes of Populations

Chapter 17: Biomarkers in Nutrition Research
Cheryl L. Rock, PhD, RD and Johanna W. Lampe, PhD, RD
Biomarkers: Nutrition Assessment and Dietary Indicators
Biomarkers of Biochemical Activity and Surrogate End Point Biomarkers
Biomarkers in Nutrition Research: Practical Considerations

Chapter 18: Research Methods for Human Sensory System Analysis and Food Evaluation
Richard D. Mattes, MPH, PhD, RD, and Beverly J. Cowart, PhD
Study of Flavor Perception
Threshold Measurement
Scaling Procedures
Time-Intensity Procedures
Spatial Testing
Identification Tests
Descriptive Analysis
Affective Tests (Tests of Hedonics)
Participant Recruitment Considerations
Testing Environment
Instrumental Analyses
Statistical Analyses
Conducting a Sensory Test

Chapter 19: Research Methods in Appetite Assessment
Richard D Mattes, PhD, RD, and James Hollis, PhD
Methodology for Measuring Appetite

Part 7: Key Aspects of Research in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

Chapter 20: Outcomes Research and Economic Analysis
Patricia L. Splett, PhD, RD, FADA Outcomes Research
Economic Analysis
Applications in Dietetics Practice

Chapter 21: Research in Diet and Human Genetics
Ruth E. Patterson, PhD, Johanna W. Lampe, PhD, RD, and Cheryl L. Rock, PhD, RD
Basic Genetic Mechanisms
Study Designs for Research in Diet and Human Genetics
Tools and Techniques: Collecting and Archiving DNA
Informed Consent Issues

Chapter 22: Behavioral Theory–Based Research
Geoffrey W. Greene, PhD, RD, and Colleen A. Redding, PhD
Importance of Behavioral Theory–Based Research
Guidelines for Application of Theories in Research
Using Major Behavioral Theories

Chapter 23: Research Methods for Dietary Supplementation and Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Cynthia A. Thomson, PhD, RD, and Leila G. Saldanha, PhD, RD Definition of CAM Research
Methodological Issues in CAM Research
Definition of Dietary Supplements
Understanding the Context of Dietary Supplement Research in the Practice of Dietetics
Trial Design Issues
Other Approaches to Dietary Supplementation Research

Chapter 24: Research in Foodservice Management
Bonnie L. Gerald, PhD, DTR, and Mary Cluskey, PhD, RD
Historical Development of Foodservice Management Research
Foodservice Management Research Areas
Research Techniques in Foodservice Management

Chapter 25: The Art and Science of Consumer Communications: Using Consumer Research to Create Nutrition and Health Messages that Work
Susan T. Borra, RD, Shelley Goldberg, MPH, RD, and Michele M. Tuttle, MPH, RD
Consumer Research: A Tool for Better Understanding a Target Audience
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Consumer Research: Reaching Out to Overwhelmed Consumers

Chapter 26: Dietetics Education Research
Mary B. Gregoire, PhD, RD, FADA
Categorization of Dietetics Education Research
Data Collection Techniques
Future Research Needs

Part 8: Application of Statistical Analysis in Nutrition and Dietetics Research

Chapter 27: Estimating Sample Size
Carol J. Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD
The Logic of Sample Size Calculations
General Procedure for Sample Size Calculations
Sample Size Determination for Specific Research Situations

Chapter 28: Fundamentals of Statistical Applications
Carol J. Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD, Jeffrey Harris, DrPH, MPH, RD, Barbara Bruemmer, PhD, RD, and Sujata L. Archer, PhD, RD
Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis
General Procedure for Statistical Analysis
Answering the Research Question
A Hypothetical Clinical Example

Part 9: Presentation of Research Data

Chapter 29: Techniques and Approaches for Presenting Research Findings
Judy A. Driskell, PhD, RD, and Elaine R. Monsen, PhD, RD
Technical Reports
Presentation Abstracts
Poster Presentations
Oral Presentations
Publishing Research Findings

Chapter 30: Illustrating the Results of Research
Shortie McKinney, PhD, RD, FADA
Purposes of Illustrations
Messages to Be Conveyed by Illustrations
Illustrations as a Set
Guidelines for Preparing Useful Tables
Use of Computer Graphics Software
Other Forms of Illustrations

Chapter 31: Research Publications: The Perspectives of the Writer, Reviewer, and Reader
Jeffrey E. Harris, DrPH, MPH, RD
The Writer’s Perspective
The Reviewer’s Perspective
The Reader’s Perspective

Coda: Applications of Research to Practice

Chapter 32: Bridging Research into Practice
Judith A. Gilbride, PhD, RD, FADA, and Laura Byham-Gray, PhD, RD
Emergence of Research in Dietetics Practice
Application of Research to Practice
Reading Research Literature
Using Research Reports to Help Solve Problems
Barriers to Quality Research
Overcoming Barriers to Research in the Practice Setting
Suggestions for Future Research

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