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Sports Nutrition: Client Education Handouts

Christine A. Rosenbloom, PhD, RD

This CD-ROM is a complete toolkit for nutrition professionals working with athletes of any level. Practice resources like food history forms and worksheets for calculating nutrition needs are included. Information on dietary supplements, glycemic index, injury recovery and more are here. Best of all, client handouts for 19 sports, from baseball to golfing, cycling to wrestling, are available to print out at your convenience.

Item #4122
2006, CD-ROM
ISBN: 978-0-88091-412-3

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Table of Contents:


Section 1: General Information for the Practitioner

  • Nutrition Counseling Tips for Sports Dietitians
  • Getting and Keeping an Athlete.s Attention
  • Documenting Outcomes
  • The Glycemic Index and Athletes
  • Vitamins and Minerals for Athletes
Section 2: Practitioner Resources and Worksheets
  • Food Diary
  • Food Frequency Form
  • Nutrition History Form
  • Calculating Energy Needs
  • Calculating Carbohydrate Needs
  • Calculating Protein Needs
  • Calculating Fat Needs
  • Calculating Fluid Needs
Section 3: Athlete Resources
    General Topics
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Nutrition in Extreme Conditions
  • Nutrition in Rehabilitation and Recovery from Injury
  • Sports Nutrition: Tips for Fueling Athletes
Sport-Specific Tips
  • Fueling Baseball Players
  • Fueling Basketball Players
  • Fueling Body Builders
  • Fueling Cyclists
  • Fueling Distance Runners
  • Fueling Figure Skaters
  • Fueling Football Players
  • Fueling Golfers
  • Fueling Gymnasts
  • Fueling Hockey Players
  • Fueling Martial Artists
  • Fueling Rowers
  • Fueling Soccer Players
  • Fueling Swimmers
  • Fueling Tennis Players
  • Fueling Track and Field Athletes
  • Fueling Ultraendurance Athletes
  • Fueling Volleyball Players
  • Fueling Wrestlers

  • SKU: 4122

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