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Achieving Excellence: Clinical Staffing for Today and Tomorrow

Christina K. Biesemeier, MS, RD, FADA

This publication will guide the clinical nutrition manager through the calculation of staffing needs and setting productivity goals. Specific to the dietetic profession, this title addresses staffing needs and staffing plans, identifies opportunities for nutrition services and programs, provides methods for measuring and evaluating staff effectiveness and provides solutions to common staffing problems.

Item #3371
2004, Softbound
ISBN: 978-0-88091-337-9
220 pages

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Assessing Staffing Needs
Chapter 2: Identifying New Opportunities
Chapter 3: Developing a Staffing Plan
Chapter 4: Implementing a Staffing Plan and New Clinical Programs
Chapter 5: Measuring and Evaluating Staffing Effectiveness
Chapter 6: Clinical Nutrition Staffing: Sharing Information

Appendix A: Revisions in the Accreditation Process
Appendix B: Assessing Staffing Needs: Worksheets
Appendix C: Developing a Staffing Plan: Worksheets
Appendix D: Developing a Staffing Plan: Completed Worksheets
Appendix E: Implementing a Staffing Plan: Worksheets
Appendix F: Measuring and Evaluating Staffing Effectiveness: Worksheets and Tools


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