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ADA Guide to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

While gestational diabetes is one of pregnancy's most common complications, the associated risks for mothers with GDM and their children are startling. This new, comprehensive guide is a critical resource for healthcare professionals, covering classifications, screening and diagnosis, MNT, medications and postpartum considerations, in addition to cultural competency that GDM treatment requires.

Item #3494 2005, Softbound
ISBN: 0-88091-349-5
208 pages

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Historical Background
Chapter 2: Pathophysiology
Chapter 3: Classification, Screening and Diagnosis
Chapter 4: Complications Associated with Gestational Diabetes
Chapter 5: Maternal and Fetal Testing in Pregnancy
Chapter 6: Medical Nutrition Therapy
Chapter 7: Medications and Supplements
Chapter 8: Additional Concerns in Pregnancy Complicated by Gestational Diabetes
Chapter 9: Cultural Issues in Diabetes Management in Pregnancy
Chapter 10: Postpartum Considerations

Appendix A: Forms
Appendix B: Case Studies
Appendix C: Energy, Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat Content of Selected Foods


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