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Adult Weight Management Self-Study Module

This module addresses the fundamentals of adult weight management. The module has been approved for sixteen (16) CPEUs ($5.56 per CPEU). Upon receipt of the self-study module assessment test, CDR will provide participants a self-study module completion form. This module and assessment test fulfills the pre-test requirement for a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management program that will be offered between November 1, 2013, and October 31, 2014.

An electronic version of this product is also available.

This Module is separate and distinct from the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management.

The paper copy self-study modules can be purchased in bulk. Only one RD, RDN or DTR will be awarded CPE hours per module. The online modules must be purchased as a single product only and must be associated with only one customer record.

Quantity Discount Schedule:

  • 0-9 units - No discount
  • 10-99 units - 15% discount

  • SKU: 140913

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