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Real Solutions Weight Loss Workbook (Single Copy)

Toni Piechota, MS, RD

This workbook incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy for weight loss along with principles of nutrition and exercise. Topics covered include emotions and eating, the importance of food journals, setting realistic weight loss goals, nutrition and weight loss and how to maintain weight loss after losing it. The workbook design allows readers to jot down their thoughts to motivate the weight loss process. It is the perfect tool for lessons in classroom settings, as well as one-on-one sessions with a RD.

Item #3231
2004, Softbound
ISBN: 0-88091-323-1
56 pages

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Table of Contents



Beginning Self-exploration
Facing the Challenge

“I Do . . .” — Dieting and Commitment

The Stages of Commitment
Why We Stay Fat
Where Are You in Your Stage of Weight Loss?

The Battle of the Bulge — Are Your Weapons Drawn?

Readiness Quiz

Principles of Weight Loss

Reasons for Obesity
Basics of Weight Loss
Obtaining Initial Weights and Measurements

Nutrition and Weight Loss

How Many Calories Can You Eat and Still Lose Weight?
Meal Patterns for Healthy Weight Loss

Common Weight-Loss Myths to Keep You Fat

“How Much Does It Cost?” Determining Calories in Foods

Where Do Calories Come From?
Water Wonders
Examining Food Labels

Mapping Out Your Course

Goal Setting
Goal-Setting Exercise

Put It in Writing — Self-monitoring

Why Write Down What You Eat?
Feelings about Food Records

Guidelines for Keeping Food Records
Using Food Records

Move It and Lose It! Physical Activity

Types of Physical Activity
Sticking with It

“The Devil Made Me Do It” — Reducing Temptation

Gaining Support

Support Exercises
Communicating Your Needs

Have Faith . . . in Yourself

When Size Matters — Portion Control

No-Calorie Treats

“Chain, Chain, Chain” — Breaking Your Behavior Chains

Pasta or Prozac? — Emotions and Eating

Food and Emotions Exercise
Effective Ways of Dealing with Feelings
Seeking Help

'Tis the Season — Special Situations

First Things First — Setting Priorities

Good versus Evil — Avoiding All-or-Nothing Thinking

Weight Loss Is Easy? Getting through the Maintenance Blahs

Appendix A:

Weekly Progress Sheet

Appendix B:

Goal Record Sheet

Appendix C:

Food Record

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