Your Health and Your Weight

Healthy Eating for Men

How a man eats throughout his life can help predict how well (or not) he ages.

Your health and your weight are connected. If your body mass index falls into the range of overweight or obese, you are at a higher risk for diseases and certain conditions. Learn more about BMI, defining overweight and obese, and healthy weights for all ages.

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  • Healthy Aging

    Menopause and Weight

    Unwanted weight gain is frustrating at any age, but if you've hit menopause you may feel the deck is stacked against you. While menopause may be challenging, you're still in control when it comes to your health. Read More

  • Fertility and Reproduction

    Fertility and Diet

    While healthy eating prepares your body for pregnancy, it can also affect fertility in ways that are not yet clear. Healthy body weight and physical activity level also play a role. Read More

  • Fertility and Reproduction

    Fertility Foods

    Caroline Kaufman, MS, RDN

    Infertility affects about 7.3 million women and their partners in the U.S. Diet and weight management have a significant impact on the ability to conceive. Read More

  • Learn More About RDNs

    10 Reasons to Visit an RDN

    Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can help you be healthier at every stage of life. See the top reasons you should consult with an RDN. Read More

  • Diabetes

    What Is Prediabetes?

    Kareen Turner, MPH, RD

    Changes in lifestyle — such as managing food choices, losing weight and increasing physical activity — can help return blood glucose levels to normal in people with prediabetes. Read More

  • Your Health and Your Weight

    Understanding Body Mass Index

    BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is important to know what your BMI does and does not indicate about your weight, health and lifestyle choices. Read More

  • Your Health and Your Weight

    BMI Calculator for Adults

    BMI, or body-mass index, can be used as a screening tool to identify potential health problems. Use this calculator to determine your BMI. Read More