Throughout childbearing years, diet plays a role in fertility and healthy pregnancies. Get tips for nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.

Losing Weight While Breast-feeding

Breast-feeding requires extra nutrition, making healthy eating just as important post-pregnancy.

A breast-feeding woman needs to stay hydrated and eat food that supports her and her baby's health.

How a Man's Diet Affects Fertility Too

When it comes to conceiving a baby, diet and lifestyle are just as important for men as for women. One-third of the cases of infertility are related to the male partner.

A healthy eating plan supports reproductive health. Learn about the connection between fertility and diet, and get information about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), healthy weight and more.

The Importance of Physical Activity during Pregnancy

Does being pregnant mean saying goodbye to softball, tennis or any other sport you enjoy? Not necessarily. For most pregnancies, mild to moderate physical activity benefits mom and won't affect your unborn child.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy is key for a healthy baby and mother.

The Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Eating for two doesn't mean eating more, it means eating better. Think beyond calories and considering the nutrients necessary to keep mom healthy.

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