Vitamins and Supplements

Supplements and Safety

More is not always better, especially when adding supplements to your diet. According to research, higher doses of certain vitamins and minerals could actually increase your chances of heart disease.

Eating a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods is the best way for most people to obtain the nutrients they need to be healthy and reduce their risk of chronic disease. However, there are some people who may need supplements to help meet their nutrition needs.

Tips for Choosing a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Because nutrient-rich foods are familiar, easy to find and represent the five basic food groups, achieving balance and building a healthier diet can be simple and stress-free.

By choosing nutrient-rich foods, you can build a path toward health and wellness.

Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Not only is it possible to get enough protein from plant sources, there are other nutrition benefits of eating plant-based foods.

Learn about the vitamins and nutrients that are essential to a healthful eating.

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