Food Safety

No Crossovers: Preventing Cross-Contamination

Before you blame a flu bug for an upset stomach, consider the fact that food poisoning often starts at home.

Take control of your family's health in four easy steps: wash your hands, refrigerate perishables, keep raw meat separate, and cook to proper temperatures.

Summer Trip Tips

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to throw out healthful eating habits.

Between school, work and play, many meals are eaten away from home. Whether it's a packed lunch, a picnic or takeout, handling food properly is key to staying well.

Holiday Helper Safe Cooking Temperature Chart

Use this quick reference temperature chart to ensure your holiday dishes are safe and delicious.

Holidays are a time of year filled with family, friends, festivities...and food! With more cooks in the kitchen, it's also a great time to remember the benefits of food safety.

Food Safety Tips for Cooking with Eggs

Be sure to keep these food safety tips in mind when buying, storing and cooking with eggs.

For most meals, food safety starts in the grocery store aisle. Learn which simple precautions you can take while shopping to prevent foodborne illness.

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