Family Activities

Healthy Children are a Family Affair

Parents are children's biggest influences when it comes to healthy behaviors, so provide your kids with opportunities for family fun.

Working out as a family is fun and sets a good example for kids. Learn more about how to incorporate exercise into your family life.

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  • Workout Ideas

    Tips to Promote Fitness for Your Kids

    Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

    Be a role model for your kids by participating with them in activities both outdoors and indoors and encourage participation in group sports under the guidance of a coach or leader. Read More

  • Family Activities

    Physical Activity and Kids

    Physical activity is good for children’s bodies. At least 60 minutes of activity a day helps children grow strong, stay well and keep a healthy weight. Read More

  • Benefits of Physical Activity

    Kids Unplugged

    Jo Ellen Shield, MED RD LD, Mary Mullen, MS, RD

    Reducing the amount of time your child or teen spends with media will have a positive impact on his or her weight. Read More