36 Ideas to Get Involved in NNM

schoolchildren with teacher - 36 Ideas to Get Involved in NNM


March is National Nutrition Month, when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reminds everyone to return to the basics of healthy eating. It is also the time of year when the Academy celebrates expertise of registered dietitian nutritionists as the food and nutrition experts.


Get Everyone Involved

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Schools or Workplaces

  • Create a "nutrition question of the day" contest sent by email or posted on a display. Draw the name of a daily prize winner from those who provided the correct answer. Suggested prizes: NNM pens, pencils, magnets, buttons or cooking items from the NNM catalog. Award a grand prize at the end of the month drawn from all correct submissions.
  • Vote for your favorite fruits and vegetables: Offer a selection of fruits and vegetables cut into bite-size pieces. Ask participants to vote for their favorite vegetable and fruit. Post a tally board to record votes. Handout "20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables."
  • Classroom: Ask children to carefully save empty food product labels and boxes. Spend some time reading labels and comparing information in the Nutrition Facts panels. Expand into a menu-planning opportunity, individually or in teams, using MyPlate as the guide to a healthy meal.
  • Start a school vegetable garden by planting seeds indoors or in the ground.
  • Take a field trip to a farmers market or a local farm.
  • Develop a lesson plan that explains the science behind ingredients needed for baking.
  • Assign a school group project that involves each group researching one of the food groups, allowing each child to explain a food from that food group and what nutrition it provides.
  • Organize and sponsor a "Healthy Lunchtime Challenge" for your school district.
  • Host a "MyPlate Champion" event in your classroom.
  • Develop a school project that involves kids drawing and creating a meal based on MyPlate, using the Choose MyPlate Coloring Page.
  • Organize a sports nutrition education session after school or during gym class.
  • Highlight ethnic and cultural food traditions. Offer special menu items from international cuisines (Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, etc.) or regional foods of the United States.
  • Organize a "healthy recipe" contest among employees. Have the judges be VIP's from your workplace. Award NNM t-shirts, mugs or other items as prizes.
  • Organize a healthy potluck, making sure each of the food groups is represented.
  • Distribute coupons for discounts on a healthy meal featured in the cafeteria or vouchers for nutritious beverages or snacks.
  • Decorate the cafeteria with NNM posters or banners, table tents and balloons. Create a "take one" display with NNM brochures, bookmarks, Eat Right Nutrition Tips, and recipe handouts.
  • Conduct a series of healthy weight and fitness sessions at your workplace. Recruit a local fitness or yoga instructor to assist you. Give each participant a National Nutrition Month® t-shirt, pedometer or water bottle plus healthy eating handouts.
  • Conduct a formal taste testing of new healthier versions of recipes that are being considered for school or workplace menus.
  • Host a "lunch and learn" session on healthy eating.
  • Organize a health fair that promotes healthy eating resources and important preventive screenings.
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Grocery Store or Supermarket

  • Work with a local grocery store to promote NNM with posters and handouts.
  • Conduct supermarket tours to provide label reading opportunities and information about healthy food choices. Offer a special tour for kids focused on selecting healthy snacks. Provide "Smart Snacking Tips for Kids" NNM brochures and copies of selected NNM activity sheets.
  • Organize a supervised scavenger hunt for food items needed to make a healthy recipe.
  • Set up a "nutrition station" staffed by registered dietitian nutritionists who answer questions on nutrition.
  • Ask local store manager to run NNM audio PSAs in the store during March.
  • Offer a nutrition education session that offers suggestions on "how to eat healthy on a budget."
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