Microwave Oven Safety for Kids

Microwave Oven Safety for Kids

Because burns are a common hazard related to microwave oven use, make sure children know how to use a microwave oven safely.

  • Make certain the microwave oven is on a sturdy stand — one that's low enough for kids. If children need to reach too high, they may pull a hot dish down on themselves.
  • Teach children to read the controls on the microwave oven — time, power level and start and stop controls. If kids can't read them, they're too young to operate a microwave oven alone.
  • Always have a child use potholders to remove heated food from the microwave oven — whether the food is hot or not. That way, it becomes a habit. Keep potholders handy for kids.
  • Teach children to stir heated food before tasting. This distributes the heat and avoids hot spots that can cause burns.
  • Show them how to open containers so that steam escapes away from their face, including packages of popped microwave popcorn.

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