Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

kids cooking vegetables

Have a challenge getting your family to eat vegetables? Then maybe you need to get sneaky so they can reap the benefits. If veggies meet with family resistance, try these suggestions to fit them in.

  • Serve salsa. Salsa (with tomatoes, beans or other veggies) served with pita, bagel or tortilla chips doesn't seem like a vegetable.
  • Blend them in. Put shredded carrots in mashed potatoes, or mix them with potatoes for a twice-baked version, chopped broccoli in macaroni and cheese, layered zucchini in lasagna, or shredded spinach in slaw.
  • Wrap it up. Hide veggies in a tortilla wrap, under pizza cheese or at the bottom of a pita.
  • Serve one-dish meals. That way, they can't push away the veggie side dish.

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