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The work of the association relies on the many contributions of members such as you. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of any professional organization.

Nutrition Care Manual
Nutrition Care ManualSubscribe

The Academy's Nutrition Care Manual is a comprehensive online resource that covers all aspects of nutrition management. NCM’s user-friendly resources include:

  • Disease-specific nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation recommendations.
  • Printable client handouts in English and Spanish.
  • Formulary database.
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Complete Counseling Kit for Weight Loss Surgery (10% off during the month of December)

Complete Counseling Kit for Weight Loss Surgery (10% off during the month of December)

This easy-to-navigate Web-based tool provides all the information you’ll need to work with patients at each stage of the weight loss surgery journey.

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2012 House Agriculture Appropriations

On May 23, the House Appropriations Committee released the subcommittee draft of the FY 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill. The proposed reductions include $17.2 billion in discretionary funding, a reduction of more than $2.6 billion from last year's level or $5 billion below President Obama's budget request for the programs.

Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan stated that there is increasing pressure to make budget cuts to raise the debt ceiling. There is increasing pressure to defend federal nutrition programs, such as SNAP, and to make them as efficient as possible.

The changes for the FY 2012 House Agriculture Appropriations bill include:

  • Funds WIC at $5.9 billion, $833 less than FY 2011. The current funding level allows WIC to serve roughly 8.9 million mothers and young children. It is estimated that between 325,000 and 475,000 low-income mothers and young children would be cut from the program, depending on the rate of food inflation.
  • Funds the Commodity Supplemental Food Program at $138.5 million, $38 million less than the President's FY 2012 budget request
  • Caps TEFAP mandatory commodity funding (funding level set in Farm Bill) at $200 million, a $51 million cut
  • Funds TEFAP Storage and Distribution (Administration) at $37.5 million, a $12 million cut from FY 2011
  • Provides $1.5 million for the Congressional Hunger Center Emerson/Leland Fellows Program (funded in FY 2010 at $3 million)
  • Cuts $2 billion from the SNAP reserve fund, annual funding that is provided in the event that participation is greater than expected. No cuts are made in the Subcommittee bill to caseloads or benefit levels, including the benefit boost contained in the ARRA bill.
  • Funds WIC Farmers' Market nutrition program at $15 million
  • Funds the Food Safety and Inspection Service with $973 million for food safety and inspection programs, $35 million below last year's level
  • Funds FDA at nearly $2.2 billion, a cut of $285 million or 11.5 percent below last year's level
  • Food and Agricultural Research will receive more than $2.2 billion, a reduction of more than $354 million from last year
  • Cuts The Conservation Stewardship Program $171 million relative to its FY 2012 farm bill-mandated level
  • Cuts The Environmental Quality Incentives program by $350 million
  • Cuts the Value Added Producer Grants program to $12.5 million
  • Cuts the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, $47 million.

The full Appropriations Committee is scheduled to mark up the bill on May 31.

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