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The work of the association relies on the many contributions of members such as you. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of any professional organization.

Nutrition Care Manual
Nutrition Care ManualSubscribe

The Academy's Nutrition Care Manual is a comprehensive online resource that covers all aspects of nutrition management. NCM’s user-friendly resources include:

  • Disease-specific nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation recommendations.
  • Printable client handouts in English and Spanish.
  • Formulary database.
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The Health Professional's Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances (10% off during the month of January)

The Health Professional's Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances (10% off during the month of January)

This comprehensive guide sheds light on the latest science behind food allergies and intolerances as well as practical suggestions for their management.

Eat Right Weekly - April 2

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Preceptor Drive 2014

On the Pulse of Public Policy

PPW 2014: More Than 400 Academy Members Stormed Capitol Hill

Following two days of intensive communication training, networking sessions and educational meetings at the Academy's 2014 Public Policy Workshop, more than 400 enthusiastic Academy members stormed Capitol Hill. Members spoke one-on-one with their senators and representatives about intensive behavioral therapy for obesity, prevention programs and nutrition programs for older Americans. A daily PPW newspaper was published, recapping all the events.

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ANDPAC Raises Over $26,000 at PPW 2014

Academy members demonstrated record support for the Academy's Political Action Committee ANDPAC at the 2014 Public Policy Workshop by donating $26,512. Since membership dues cannot be used to fund ANDPAC, the Academy was thrilled by members' generosity and support.

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Action Alert: Tell Congress to Co-Sponsor Treat and Reduce Obesity Act

Send a letter to your members of Congress to encourage them to sign on to the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act that would allow registered dietitian nutritionists to independently bill for obesity counseling to Medicare patients. Please be sure to fill out two action alerts: one for the House and one for the Senate. Help advance our profession by taking action now.

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Iowa's Legislative Success

The Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics worked with the Iowa Department of Public Health to update its dietetics licensure statute. Iowa's Consumer Protection Coordinator Karen Klein, MPH, RD, LD, FAND, led the way for revisions to Iowa's licensure statute. Their efforts were finalized when Gov. Terry Branstad signed the bill into law on March 14.

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CPE Corner

April 8 Webinar: Dietetics Practice Based Research Network - 'Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?'

The Dietetics Practice Based Research Network is a free member benefit of the Academy, dedicated to carrying out and spreading research relevant to practice. A free April 8 webinar will help members learn about the goals of the DPBRN, past and current projects, and ways to get involved. One CPEU is available.

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April 22 Webinar: 'Addressing Patient Malnutrition to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Hospital Costs'

Malnutrition is common in the hospital setting and can adversely affect clinical outcomes and costs, but it is often overlooked. An April 22 webinar will feature a steering committee member of the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition, a partnership of three leading health care organizations including the Academy. The presenter will discuss the growing body of research on hospital malnutrition and the critical role the registered dietitian nutritionist plays in driving interdisciplinary collaboration among the health care team to identify and treat patient malnutrition.

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April 29 Webinar: 'Successful Synergies'

Get inspired to connect with local organizations to help fight hunger and improve access to healthy foods in your community by hearing many innovative examples of projects big and small. Learn practical tips for forming collaborations that become successful synergies. Understand the important role that health care and food bank partnerships can play in improving the lives of families facing food insecurity. This April 29 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation webinar is planned with Feeding America through an educational grant from the National Dairy Council.

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May 14 Webinar: 'The Ins and Outs of Food Allergy'

Food allergy is encountered in every area of clinical dietetic practice, but most registered dietitian nutritionists are not confident in addressing their clients' questions and concerns. A May 14 webinar will cover the realm of food allergic disorders including how they present, dietary management and validated client resources. Gain the knowledge and tools you need to approach food allergy with confidence.

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Online Certificate of Training Program: Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrition Management

Registered dietitian nutritionists play a pivotal role in enhancing self management by people with chronic kidney disease and in educating other health professionals about chronic kidney disease. To prepare members in this area, the Academy's Center for Professional Development presents Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrition Management, an online certificate of training program.

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Food Allergy Management Certificate of Training Program

The Academy offers an online certificate program with a focus on food allergy management for all members. Enjoy a reduced rate of $19 for each Level 2 module.

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Executive Management Certificate of Training Program

The Academy offers an online certificate program with a focus on enhancing executive management skills for all members. Enjoy a reduced rate of $19 for each Level 2 module or complete all four modules and earn eight hours of CPEUs for $76.

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Developing Your Role as Leader Certificate of Training Program

The Academy offers an online certificate program with a focus on enhancing leadership skills for all Academy members. Enjoy a reduced rate of $19 for each Level 1 module or complete all four modules and earn eight hours of CPEUs for $76.

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CDR Weight Management Programs

The Commission on Dietetic Registration offers a number of weight management programs for Academy members.

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Career Resources

2014 Revised Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance for RDNs

The Academy's Quality Management Committee, with the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition dietetic practice group, has revised the current standards for registered dietitian nutritionists in sports nutrition and dietetics. The 2014 resource covers 10 standards outlining quality indicators and outcomes and assesses current skill levels for practitioners responsible for optimal health, sports, exercise and physical performance.

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Attention RDNs and DTRs Who Own Worksite Wellness Businesses

Are you a registered dietitian nutritionist or dietitian technician, registered who has developed and marketed your own worksite wellness program? Do you have documented proven outcomes? If so, the Academy wants to hear from you.

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New 1500 Claim Form

Beginning April 1, all paper claims to third-party payers must be submitted on the updated 1500 claim form (version 02/12). The biggest changes to the form are the addition of an ICD indicator, an increase in the number of diagnosis codes that can be reported and the removal of several fields.

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Maximize Your Membership

Get the most from your Academy membership by joining a Dietetic Practice Group or Member Interest Group.

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New Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide

Fully updated to include new Food and Drug Administration gluten-free labeling rule information, this is the essential guide for people diagnosed with celiac disease, dermatitis herpeteformis or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It outlines how to follow a gluten-free diet, identify food products and medications that might contain gluten, shop for gluten-free products and more.

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Become a Student Leader

Build your leadership skills, boost your career and enhance your resume. Apply to represent your dietetics program by signing up as an Academy Student Liaison for the remainder of the 2013-14 membership year.

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Don't Miss Out: Update Academy Contact Information

Have you recently moved, changed phone numbers or opened a new email account? If so, you may be missing important Academy news, access to exclusive member benefits or publications by mail.

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Apply for Academy Platinum Rewards MasterCard

Join the growing number of Academy members using the Academy Rewards MasterCard. It's simple and rewarding: the only rewards card you need.

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Academy Membership Renewal Now Open

Renewing your Academy membership for 2014-2015 is easy.

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Get a Member, Win a Prize

Help the Academy grow by participating in the 2014 Promoter Program and sharing the value of membership with friends and colleagues.

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Are You Acquainted With Your Student Community?

If you haven't accessed your Student Community recently, you could be missing out on valuable information. Available only to Student category members, the Academy's Community is your resource for scholarship opportunities, event bulletins, student discussion sessions and much more.

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Academy Member Updates

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The Academy is proposing two amendments to its bylaws to include an immediate past-treasurer on the Board of Directors and to extend the tenure of public members from two years to three years.

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April Is National Preceptor Month

National Preceptor Month is the time to recognize and thank the practitioners who take the time and make the effort to create the next generation of dietetics professionals by teaching students in their workplace. Recognize the importance of preceptors and take part in the festivities of National Preceptor Month: Show your appreciation for preceptors throughout the entire month.

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2014 Outstanding Preceptor Award Winners

The Academy Foundation and the Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors dietetic practice group congratulate the 2014 winners of the Outstanding Preceptor Awards. These awards, funded by the Foundation, recognize preceptors for their vital contributions to the profession.

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Academy Spokespeople for 2014-2017

Ten registered dietitian nutritionists have been named new Academy media spokespeople for 2014-2017, joining eight members who are returning to the program. Spokespeople ensure the Academy is represented in the news media by registered dietitian nutritionists who know and understand the media and are experts at conveying the Academy's healthful eating messages and the expertise of RDNs.

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National Public Health Week

April 7 to 11 is National Public Health Week. Begun in 1995, this is an opportunity for registered dietitian nutritionists and dietetic technicians, registered to partner with public health agencies. The Academy's Public Health/Community Nutrition Task Force encourages dietetic practice groups, member interest groups and affiliates to get involved. This year's theme is "Public Health: Starts Here."

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Journal Launches New Author Guidelines

Substantial updates to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Information for Authors have been made to create a venue featuring dynamic content for researchers, authors, practitioners, students and the dietetics and allied health care communities.

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Philanthropy, Awards and Grants

Parents from 20 Iowa School Districts Participate in Empowerment Workshops

Over the past two years, the Academy Foundation and Iowa Department of Education Team Nutrition have collaborated on the Meet the Challenge! project through educational funding from USDA Team Nutrition. Registered dietitian nutritionists have worked with 70 schools to improve school wellness environments and to submit applications for USDA's prestigious HealthierUS School Challenge awards. This year, RDNs are leading 20 parent workshops throughout the state to empower parents to be champions of school wellness.

New Webinar Recordings Available to Public

Two recent webinars have been added to the Foundation's website site for public viewing: "Making an Impact with Food Insecure Populations" and "GENIE: Your Nutrition Education Wishes Have Been Granted!"

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Academy/CDR Simulation Research Fellowship

This award, funded by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, will provide a one-year, full-time research fellowship in the field of simulation-based dietetics education to a registered dietitian nutritionist who has completed a master's or doctoral degree. This position has the potential for extension into a second year, pending funding and satisfactory completion of Year 1.

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Deadline Extended to May 1: Abbott Nutrition Alliance Award

This award will recognize up to four Academy members on an annual basis working in a hospital setting who have made a significant contribution to improve awareness of malnutrition and taking action to address the issue. The deadline to apply for this award has been extended to May 1.

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Deadline Extended to May 1: Innovative Food/Culinary Efforts Award

The application deadline has been extended to May 1 for the Foundation's Mary Abbott Hess Award for Recognition of an Innovative Food/Culinary Effort. The $1,000 award encourages dietetics professionals to make original and innovative efforts in food and culinary education.

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Make a Difference While Renewing Your Membership

I donate to the Foundation because it's the only source of grants and scholarships devoted solely to the dietitian.
- Patricia A. Obayashi, MS, RD, CDE

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