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The work of the association relies on the many contributions of members such as you. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of any professional organization.

Nutrition Care Manual
Nutrition Care ManualSubscribe

The Academy's Nutrition Care Manual is a comprehensive online resource that covers all aspects of nutrition management. NCM’s user-friendly resources include:

  • Disease-specific nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation recommendations.
  • Printable client handouts in English and Spanish.
  • Formulary database.
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The Health Professional's Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances (10% off during the month of January)

The Health Professional's Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances (10% off during the month of January)

This comprehensive guide sheds light on the latest science behind food allergies and intolerances as well as practical suggestions for their management.

Eat Right Weekly - April 4

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Membership Renewal

On the Pulse of Public Policy

Budget Affects Nutrition Programs

Congress has passed a budget continuing resolution which will fund the U.S. government through the end of 2013. Vital nutrition programs are affected by the resolution, known as a CR.

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USDA Undersecretary Visits Minnesota to Discuss Nutrition Programs

Kevin Concannon, undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, recently visited Minnesota universities and schools and took part in a roundtable discussion with two Academy public policy champions who represent Minnesota in Congress: Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Betty McCollum.

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USDA Fruit and Vegetable Program Increases Children's Consumption

Students at elementary schools participating in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program consumed 15 percent more fruits and vegetables, based on a USDA study of the program.

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CPE Corner

New Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management: Support for RDs and DTRs

The Center for Professional Development introduces an online learning module that will show how registered dietitian nutritionists and dietetic technicians, registered can develop disaster preparedness and emergency management plans.

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New Module on 'Leadership: Organizational Applications' Is Free for Academy Members

The Center for Professional Development introduces a new free online learning module that will demonstrate how registered dietitian nutritionists have assumed leadership roles in a variety of business settings including clinical, trade association and a food industry company.

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Food Allergy Management Certificate of Training Program

The Center for Professional Development, with experts in the field of food management, introduces a new online certificate program with a focus on food allergy management for all Academy members. Enjoy a reduced rate of $19 for each module.

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Executive Management Certificate of Training Program

The Center for Professional Development, with experts in the field of executive management, introduces a new online certificate program with a focus on enhancing executive management skills for all Academy members. Enjoy a reduced rate of $19 for each module or complete all four modules and earn eight hours of CPEUs for $76.

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Gluten-Free Product Safety Webinar and More

Product safety in the gluten-free market; the impact of obesity on cancer survivorship; and applying the Nutrition Care Process in public health practice are just three of the upcoming webinar topics that offer members CPE from the convenience of office or home.

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CDR Weight Management Programs

The Commission on Dietetic Registration is offering a number of weight management programs for Academy members.

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Career Resources

Save 10 Percent on April Book of the Month

Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food and Nutrition Professional's Counseling Guide provides the tips and tools you need to empower your clients on the road to better health.

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New Issue of MNT Provider Is Available

For details about a free childhood obesity webinar, the status of ICD-10 transition, how your Medicare payments will be decreasing effective April 1 and more, read the latest issue of the MNT Provider.

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Just Published: Nutrition Guidance in Healthy Children (Ages 2-11) EAL Project

The Academy's Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team is pleased to announce the publication of the Nutrition Guidance in Healthy Children (Ages 2-11 Years) - Evidence-Based Nutrition Library Project, free to all Academy members on the Evidence Analysis Library.

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Academy Member Updates

Academy Reaches New Membership High!

Miranda Shearin, RD, of Stafford, Va., recently became the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' 74,000th member.

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CMS Promotes MNT Benefit during National Nutrition Month

For the fifth consecutive year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shared a message with providers during National Nutrition Month to promote the Medicare MNT benefit.

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Activities, Recognition, Recruitment: April Is National Preceptor Month

National Preceptor Month is a chance to recognize and thank practitioners who take the time and make the effort to create the next generation of dietetics professionals by teaching students in their workplace.

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Nancy Giles Walters: Preceptor with a Passion

Nancy Giles Walters, MMSc, RD, CSG, LD, FADA, has been a preceptor for 23 years. She is a catalyst within the dietetics field who believes that all interns have different strengths and learning styles.

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Philanthropy, Awards and Grants

Kids Eat Right Hunger in Our Community: Second Round of Mini-Grants

To support the use of the new Kids Eat Right "Hunger in Our Community" toolkit, 28 mini-grants of $200 are available.

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Make a Difference While Renewing Your Membership

"I donate to the Foundation because it's the only source of grants and scholarships devoted solely to the dietitian," Patricia A. Obayashi, MS, RD, CDE.

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Making an Impact in Nation's Capital

Thanks to support from Academy members and friends, the Foundation's 2012 Grace L. Ostenso Nutrition and Public Policy Fellowship was awarded to Leigh Gantner, PhD, RD, of Syracuse University. This fellowship, funded by the Academy Foundation and administered by The American Association for the Advancement of Science, provides the unique opportunity for an Academy member to make an impact on Capitol Hill. Ms. Gantner is working as a staff member for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.).

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New Report: Nutrition, Physical Activity Improve School Performance

More evidence is available showing improved nutrition plus increased physical activity result in better academic performance.

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