Why Does Yogurt Have So Much Sugar?

Why Does Yogurt Have So Much Sugar?

Yogurt can still be a healthy choice. The "sugars" on the Nutrition Facts panel include both naturally-occurring and added sugars. Lactose in milk and yogurt is actually a sugar, so these products will contain some naturally-occurring sugar. Plain yogurt has no added sugar, yet a 6-ounce container has about 12 grams of naturally-occurring sugar in the form of lactose.

Fruit-flavored yogurt varies in the amount of sugar added, so it's important that you read the Nutrition Facts panel. On average, the added fruit and sweeteners contribute about 14 grams of sugar, making the total sugars about 26 grams in a 6-ounce container.

Light yogurts typically use low-calorie sweeteners to cut back on sugar and calories. These yogurts have about 12 to 14 grams of sugar per 6-ounce serving.

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