Time with Relatives

Time with Relatives

Relatives can push food on children. Usually they do this to show affection.

Your child should deal directly with food-pushing relatives. These relatives need to understand how your child feels. Give them a chance to help your child learn how to confront food issues.

Try role-playing with your child so she can practice dealing with someone who pushes food. Encourage your child to ask relatives for help.

For example, your child may say, "Grandma, maybe we could go for a walk instead of having cookies and milk." Most relatives are willing to help when a child asks.

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  • Cook healthy

    Involve your child in the cutting, mixing and preparation of all meals. Even a snack can be healthy.

  • Eat right

    Sit down together as a family to enjoy a wonderful meal and the opportunity to share the day's experiences with one another.

  • Shop smart

    To encourage a healthy lifestyle, get your children involved in selecting the food that will appear at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

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