Sneak 'Em In

Sneak 'Em In

Have a challenge getting your family to eat vegetables? Then maybe you need to get sneaky so they can reap the benefits.

If veggies meet with family resistance:

Serve salsa. Salsa (with tomatoes, beans or other veggies) served with pita, bagel or tortilla chips doesn't seem like a vegetable.

Blend them in. Put shredded carrots in mashed potatoes, or mix them with potatoes for twice-baked potatoes, chopped broccoli in macaroni and cheese, layered zucchini in lasagna, or shredded spinach in slaw.

Wrap it up. Hide veggies in a tortilla wrap, under pizza cheese or at the bottom of a pita.

Serve one-dish meals. That way, they can't push away the veggie side dish.

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  • Cook healthy

    Involve your child in the cutting, mixing and preparation of all meals. Even a snack can be healthy.

  • Eat right

    Sit down together as a family to enjoy a wonderful meal and the opportunity to share the day's experiences with one another.

  • Shop smart

    To encourage a healthy lifestyle, get your children involved in selecting the food that will appear at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

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