No Honey for Infants

No Honey for Infants

Until your child is at least 1 years old, honey or corn syrup in any form should be avoided.

Honey can harbor spores of a toxic bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. These spores are harmless to adults and older children, but for babies younger than 12 months, they can cause botulism, a severe foodborne illness that can be fatal.

Children in their first year don't need extra sweeteners. For help in feeding your infant, see a registered dietitian nutritionist.

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  • Cook healthy

    Involve your child in the cutting, mixing and preparation of all meals. Even a snack can be healthy.

  • Eat right

    Sit down together as a family to enjoy a wonderful meal and the opportunity to share the day's experiences with one another.

  • Shop smart

    To encourage a healthy lifestyle, get your children involved in selecting the food that will appear at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

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