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The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act establishes strong nutrition policies for child nutrition programs.

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Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide, 3rd Ed. (Single Copy)

Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide, 3rd Ed. (Single Copy)

This easy to read “survival guide” outlines essential information for people diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Digestive Health

Crohn's Disease and Diet

Crohn's Disease (70)

Crohn's disease is a condition defined by chronic inflammation and irritation of the digestive tract. There is no one diet to alleviate Crohn’s disease. Yet understanding of food and diet is key to reducuing flare-ups.

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Prebiotics and Probiotics: The Dynamic Duo

Probiotics (70)You've probably heard of prebiotics and probiotics, but do you know what they are? Though they are available as dietary supplements, it is not necessary to use special pills, potions, cleanses, or other concoctions to incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into your diet. These "nutrition boosters" are natural ingredients in everyday food.

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Diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

Wheat and Flour (Thumbnail)May is National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, a great time to learn more about this autoimmune disease, and how it can be managed through healthy eating and nutrition.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS (sm)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder that affects the large intestine. Though no specific cause is known, several factors may contribute to IBS, including heredity, lifestyle, allergies, an infection, an abnormally large number of bacteria growing in the intestine and hormones. Often, diet changes, stress management and a healthy, active lifestyle can keep IBS under control.

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Understanding Celiac Disease

Celiac (sm)

People with celiac disease cannot eat foods containing gluten. In people with celiac disease, the body's immune system responds to gluten by damaging the lining of the small intestine. Damage to the small intestine means nutrients cannot be fully used by the body. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

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Food Allergies and Intolerances

Peanut Buttler (sm)

Approximately one in 25 people suffers from a food allergy. They are slightly more common in young children and in people who have a family history of them. A food intolerance is not the same as a food allergy. An intolerance occurs when your body is unable to digest a certain component of a food.

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Celiac Resources

Gluten Detective (sm)Resources for celiac disease, including the Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide.

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