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The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act establishes strong nutrition policies for child nutrition programs.

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Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide, 3rd Ed. (Single Copy)

Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide, 3rd Ed. (Single Copy)

This easy to read “survival guide” outlines essential information for people diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Cooking Tips and Trends

Respect Your Food: A Guide to What Food Goes Where

Woman and Fridge (thumb)

You've heard that bread gets stale faster in the fridge, but molds more quickly outside of it. And fruit goes in the crisper drawer—except when it doesn't. If you're confused by all the conflicting rules about what foods go where, don't fret: We got the inside scoop from registered dietitians who are experts in food storage.

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Mash Tofu

Tofu Squares (Thumbnail)

Looking for a vegan substitute for scrambled eggs or ricotta cheese? Start with a firm block of tofu and start mashing! Watch this video and see how it's done.

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What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds (Thumbnail)

Chia seeds have recently gained attention for containing omega-3 fatty acid, fiber, protein, and minerals including as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Emerging research suggests that including chia seeds as part of a healthy diet may help improve cardiovascular risk factors such as lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

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Functional Foods

Functional Food (peach)

At the grocery store, you'll find plenty of breakfast cereals, yogurts and nut butters with health benefits proclaimed on their packaging. Can these modified foods be considered functional foods? What is a functional food exactly?

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Broil Fish

How Do I Broil Fish (thumb)

Using your oven's broiler is a great way to cook fish without adding a lot of oil or butter. It's also shockingly easy. Dinner can be ready in minutes! Find out how in this video.

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Tools of the Trade

Tools Intro (70x70)What kitchen tools do you need if you’re a novice home cook? This collection of cooking essentials for your kitchen will help you prepare healthful and delicious meals at home.

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Core an Apple

Apple Core (thumb)

Simple and sweet as a low-calorie snack or a tasty addition to recipes, apples are all-around kitchen favorite. But how do you get rid of that pesky core? It's easy! Learn how in this video.

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