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Celiac Nutrition Guide, 3rd Edition (Single Copy)

Celiac Nutrition Guide, 3rd Edition (Single Copy)

This easy to read “survival guide” outlines essential information for people diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Food Safety At Home

Are My Leftovers Still Good? Refrigerator Temperature Food Safety

Refrigerator Safety (Thumb)Keep refrigerated foods fresh and safe for consumption - learn the proper temperature to set the refrigerator and how long to keep leftovers.

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Washing Hands Prevents Sickness

Washing hands (thumb)Proper hand washing may eliminate nearly half of all cases of foodborne illness and significantly reduce the spread of the common cold and flu.

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Flu or Food Poisoning?

Food Poisoning vs. Flu (sm)

Was it something you ate or a sign of the flu? Sometimes it's not always easy to tell the difference between foodborne illness and influenza, especially since both show similar symptoms.

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Respect Your Food: A Guide to What Food Goes Where

Woman and Fridge (thumb)

You've heard that bread gets stale faster in the fridge, but molds more quickly outside of it. And fruit goes in the crisper drawer—except when it doesn't. If you're confused by all the conflicting rules about what foods go where, don't fret: We got the inside scoop from registered dietitians who are experts in food storage.

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Store Herbs and Spices

Spice Bottles (thumb)

Wilted herbs in your fridge? Questionable spices in your cupboard? Follow these tips to learn the right way to store herbs and spices.

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Maintain a Cutting Board

Cutting Board (thumb)

There are four things to keep in mind when maintaining a cutting board. Do you know what they are? Find out in this "How Do I" video.

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Separate: Don't Cross-Contaminate!

Hand Washing (thumb)

Raw meat can make you sick. Everyone knows that. But even if you follow proper cooking temperatures, you still may be at risk for food poisoning if you don't properly separate your foods to prevent cross-contamination.

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