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Celiac Nutrition Guide, 3rd Edition (Single Copy)

Celiac Nutrition Guide, 3rd Edition (Single Copy)

This easy to read “survival guide” outlines essential information for people diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Tip of the Day

Don't Let Harmful Bacteria Ruin Your Picnic

Now that spring is here, load up your picnic basket and hit the park. Remember to follow the proper food safety rules to avoid food poisoning.

  • If you plan on grilling, make sure you know what temperature some of your favorites like hamburgers (160°F) and chicken (165°F) should be cooked to for safe eating. If you are unsure, take a look at our safe minimum internal temperature chart. Always bring a food thermometer to check if food is done.
  • Make sure to keep raw and ready-to-eat foods separate in your picnic basket. Consider packing beverages in one cooler and perishable food in another.
  • If you are transporting perishable foods, pack an icepack to keep foods at their appropriate temperature of 40°F.
  • Remember food is no longer good if it's been sitting out for more than two hours, or one hour in weather above 90°F.

Don't forget to wash your hands often and bring along hand sanitizer or moist toilettes to clean hands and surfaces. For more home food safety tips, visit our Outdoor Dining section on HomeFoodSafety.org.

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