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The Academy In the News


Every day, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics works with the media to obtain news coverage of the Academy and registered dietitian nutritionists. This report contains highlights of the outstanding news coverage that appeared recently in national and local media outlets.

The Academy's Public Relations Team works with the news media to raise public awareness of the Academy, the important contributions of Academy members, scientific research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the importance of healthful eating for everyone.

One of the Academy's most effective outreach programs is its national network of media-savvy experts—your volunteer media spokespeople. In thousands of interviews per year, spokespeople take a positive approach to promoting the Academy and the relationships between good health and diet, communicating messages that reflect solid science and research.

Media Coverage

Below is a selection of recent media coverage from some of the country's top news and lifestyle publications highlighting the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Academy spokespeople and the dietetics profession:


Trend Spotting: 7 Top Food Trends

Huffington Post – October 28, 2014
Academy's Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo highlighted

What You Find in Almost Every Nutritionist's Fridge

FitSugar – October 28, 2014
Tamara Melton, Academy spokesperson quoted

Chew on This: Beans Are a Nutritional Protein Powerhouse

Miami Herald – October 24, 2014
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics highlighted

Coconut Water Is Great, Shut Up

Gizmodo – October 21, 2014
Vandana Sheth, Academy spokesperson quoted

Tempe Elementary Cafeterias Stress Healthful Dining

Arizona Republic – October 20, 2014
Wesley Delbridge, Academy spokesperson quoted

100 Tricks to Fight Pain Naturally

Prevention – October 15, 2014
Joy Dubost, Academy spokesperson quoted

11 Surprising Facts about Eating Protein

BuzzFeed – October 13, 2014
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics cited

4 Ways to Make Dinner Easier

Shape – October 6, 2014
Heather Mangieri, Academy spokesperson quoted

Daily Sandwich Eaters Consume More Sodium Calories than Non-Sandwich Eaters, Study Says

Fox News – October 6, 2014
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics cited

Health Tip: Plan Ahead for Healthy Dinners

Philadelphia Enquirer – October 1, 2014
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics highlighted

For Too-Thin Minority, Gaining Weight Is a Good Thing

USA Today – September 28, 2014
Angela Lemond, Academy spokesperson quoted

LeBron's Low-Carb Diet

Yahoo! – September 26, 2014
Jim White, Academy spokesperson quoted

How Alcohol Messes with Your Fitness Goals

Shape – September 26, 2014
Sara Haas, Academy spokesperson quoted

Q: Are Hemp Protein and Hemp Seeds Really that Nutritious

Men's Health – September 23, 2014
Jessica Crandall, Academy spokesperson quoted

10 Heart Healthy Foods that Aren't

Livestrong – September 17, 2014
Lori Zanini, Academy spokesperson quoted

How Babies' Eating Patterns Affect Kids Diets Later On

Huffington Post – September 4, 2014
Marina Chaparro, Academy spokesperson quoted

Keep Food Safe and Cut Grocery Costs with Home Food Safety Tips in Support of National Food Safety Education Month

Reuters – September 3, 2014
Home Food Safety program and Marisa Moore, Academy spokesperson highlighted

The Very Real Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Men's Journal – September 2, 2014
Jennifer McDaniel, Academy spokesperson quoted

Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat for Weight Loss, Heart Health: Study

U.S.News & World Report – September 2, 2014
Sonya Angelone, Academy spokesperson quoted

Action Flicks May Fuel Mindless Munching, Study Finds

ABC News – September 2, 2014
Kelly Pritchett, Academy spokesperson quoted

How Your Fridge Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Huffington Post – August 25, 2014
Marisa Moore, Academy spokesperson quoted

Seven Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthy

Miami Herald – August 22, 2014
Kids Eat Right Month highlighted

The Real Reason You Stopped Buying Orange Juice

Fox Business News – August 19, 2014
Alissa Rumsey, Academy spokesperson quoted

Health Food Fake-Outs

Fitness – August 18, 2014
Angela Ginn, Academy spokesperson quoted

The 11 Biggest Myths about the Vegan Diet, Debunked

Live Strong – August 13, 2014
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Highlighted

Ancestral Health Symposium Include Ketogenic Cancer Diets and Paleo Fitness – August 11, 2014
Heather Mangieri, Academy spokesperson quoted

At Lunch, Home-Packed May Not Mean Healthy

Boston Globe – August 11, 2014
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics cited

14 Foods that Are Healthier than Kale

Cosmopolitan – August 6, 2014
Sara Haas, Academy spokesperson quoted

WTF Are Chia Seeds?

GQ – August 5, 2014
Libby Mills, Academy spokesperson quoted

New Nutrition Guidance for 2- to 11-Year-Old Children

Parents – August 4, 2014
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics highlighted

Note: All links were active as of October 29, 2014, but may become inactive over time.