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Full: A Life without Dieting

Book Review

Full: A Life without Dieting
By Michael A. Snyder, MD, FACS
HayHouse (2011)
Reviewed by Jessica Crandall RD, CDE


This book is a guide to a full life without dieting: rejecting the diet mentality, restrictions, deprivation and bringing control tools that will create feelings of fullness and the secret for effortless weight loss without breaking the calorie bank or fighting emotions, introducing a new definition of healthy.

Synopsis of the Diet Plan

Full provides readers with "Ground Rules" suggesting to not set a diet start date but begin now by the making changes you can; don't make it hard on yourself by trying to change everything all at once. This book also provides 10 Full tips that are in the "Full Toolbox." It is suggested you add one or two tips at a time making a full commitment to your weight-loss journey, which is critical to success. Also plan for a sensible, achievable, weight loss of one to two pounds per week, which will be notable at the end of the year and maintainable.

The 10 Full Tips are:

  1. Be full with less by choosing lean proteins and eating a high-fiber diet.
  2. Stop and think to eat.
  3. Don't fear fat but don't add it.
  4. Lighten up on liquid pounds—think water.
  5. Eat more often—smaller more frequent meals.
  6. Chose "supplements" wisely; for example, 400-calorie bars are not optimal.
  7. Full planning—plan vs. impulse, schedule meals and prep for environments.
  8. Keep a journal of foods, activities and behaviors. This will hold you accountable and make it easier to follow through with your goals and modify habits.
  9. Take a multivitamin and boost your vitamin D.
  10. Sleep it off: Get adequate sleep.

Four cheats are allowed per week and descriptions of foods that are considered cheats are included. This helps readers stay on track and not feel like they can never eat their favorite foods without quitting the diet or falling off the wagon.

The book breaks down barriers for exercise and says getting started is the hardest part. There is no set routine but the book encourages readers to start today and find something they can do.

Full encourages appetite awareness throughout meals and promotes that you plan ahead and be aware of toxic environments.

Nutritional Pros and Cons

Research is cited from studies supporting the ground rules and full tips, from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Duke, Yale, Journal of the American Medical Association, UCLA, New England Journal of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, American Journal of Preventative Medicine, British Journal of Nutrition and Archives of Internal Medicine.

You will also find BMI charts, a weight-loss survey, an appetite awareness scale, a prescription for cheats and examples, lean vs. medium/high fat proteins charts and high-fiber/volume foods chart in three tiers ranging from low to higher calories.

There is nothing in this book that would hurt or harm a reader. The nutrition information covers the basics, which may be enough for most people, but some readers may want a meal plan or set exercise routine. Some also might want to know the average weight loss from following these tips, which is not provided.

Bottom Line

Full: A Life without Dieting provides a great understanding of the rising obesity rates in America and the concerns that are tied to morbid obesity, including medical, physical and emotional. Full is a very straightforward read, providing health and weight-loss tips.

The average person may be inspired and able to safely lose weight and develop healthy habits. Dr. Snyder is passionate about helping others through motivation achieve a full life, creating healthy, happier individuals.