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Nutrition Care Manual
Nutrition Care ManualSubscribe

The Academy's Nutrition Care Manual is a comprehensive online resource that covers all aspects of nutrition management. NCM’s user-friendly resources include:

  • Disease-specific nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation recommendations.
  • Printable client handouts in English and Spanish.
  • Formulary database.
Evidence Analysis Library

What you will find inside the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library:

Use Academy Evidence-Based Guidelines to apply cutting-edge, synthesized research to practice!

Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT)

Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) are complementary services used to improve diabetes care. Providing overall guidance to people with diabetes, it covers the many aspects of diabetes self-management and glycemic control. DSMT increases the patient's knowledge and skills about the disease and promotes behaviors for self-management of their health. DSMT classes can take place in a variety of settings, from hospitals to clinics to medical offices, through an accredited DSMT program.

DSMT is not the same as Medical Nutrition Therapy, which is a more intensive, comprehensive nutrition therapy service that relies heavily on follow-up and provides repeated reinforcement to help change the beneficiary’s behavior. But because DSMT and MNT provide different behavioral modification techniques, they are complementary and it may be more medically effective for some beneficiaries to receive both therapies than one or the other.