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2011 Future Connections Summit on Dietetics Practice, Credentialing and Education

Conducted March 24-26, 2011

Final Summit Report

This report provides an overview of the process used and the outcomes obtained from the Summit. The outcomes of this report encompass the largest portion of the document. The outcomes are the 76 pilot initiatives developed by the Summit participants in each of the seven regions. These pilot initiatives are "living and breathing" plans that provide potential solutions to issues identified during the Summit. Please direct any questions or concerns related to this report to the Council on Future Practice mailbox (

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About the Summit

The Summit was a collaborative effort between the Council on Future Practice, Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), Commission on Dietetics Registration and the Education Committee. The Summit Oversight Workgroup was charged to plan this interactive event. Members of the Workgroup are: Jana Kicklighter, member, Council on Future Practice; Sandra Witte, past chair, ACEND; Riva Touger-Decker, chair, CDR; Ellen Shanley, chair, Education Committee; Susan Roberts, Practice Representative; Matthew R. Nulty, New to Practice Representative; and Marsha Rhea, consultant. Staff support was provided by Harold Holler, Chris Reidy and Ulric Chung.


Provide a forum to bring together educators, practitioners and employers to explore a future vision for educating, developing and advancing dietetic professionals.


A nationwide community of leaders in seven regions will commit to take the first coordinated steps toward creating a dynamic continuum of education, credentialing and future practice roles that will enable present and future practitioners to position themselves as the nation’s food and nutrition leaders.


  1. Create a shared vision and recommendations about a future direction and design for: dietetics practice, credentialing and education.
  2. Discover the drivers and opportunities for change in future dietetics practice, credentialing and education.
  3. Establish guiding principles for a coordinated nationwide initiative to pilot new approaches and programs to create an integrated continuum for education, credentialing and future practice.
  4. Identify and foster relationships with key stakeholders that can facilitate change and future action related to dietetics education, credentialing and education.
  5. Establish a method for coordinating and sustaining these change initiatives.

Summit Agenda

The final agenda for the 2011 Future Connections Summit is available for review.

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The Summit was conducted at seven regional sites simultaneously on March 24-26, 2011. The 207 individuals in attendance for the Summit were Academy members and external organizational representatives.

Regional Participant Information »



The names of participants who participated in the virtual meeting site is provided.

Virtual Participant Information »


Pre-Summit Information

A list of articles was noted as assignments for Summit participants to complete prior to the Summit. The reading assignments were completed according to each participant’s timeline. In addition, a set of discussion questions were provided for Summit participants to consider as they read the articles. An electronic discussion board was created for participants to share their perspectives on the readings.

Academy members are encouraged to review these articles to have a better understanding of the topics discussed at the Summit.

Additional materials for use by educators and practitioners will be made available at a later time.

Reading Assignments »
Discussion Questions »


Preliminary Summit Findings

This initial report is a recording of all the information collected during the Summit conducted on March 24-26, 2011. A more complete narrative report will be provided at the end of April.

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