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The Foundation's giving society, The Eat Right Society, was created to recognize donors that support the Foundation's many important initiatives.
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CDR's vision is to protect and improve the health of the public and support practitioner competence, lifelong learning and career advancement. CDR credentialed practitioners are recognized and respected as the food and nutrition leaders.

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Fall 2011 Issue

Foundation Matters is a quarterly electronic newsletter that covers current Foundation activities. It is sent to Academy (formerly ADA) members who have donated to the Foundation.

In This Issue

  • A Message from Barbara Ivens, ADAF Chair
  • ADA Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2011-2012
  • Awards and Named Research Grants
  • ADA Foundation's Eat Right Society
  • 2011 ADA FNCE Foundation Events and Activities Recap
  • Kids Eat Right Is Celebrating Its First Birthday
  • Corporate Supporters Continue to Move the ADA Foundation Forward
  • Energy Balance 4 Kids (EB4K) RD Nutrition Coaches Move Forward in Iowa

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Barbara Ivens

Message from ADA Foundation Chair Barbara Ivens, MS, RD, FADA

What a year it has been for your professional charity. I want to thank all of you who supported ADAF and helped us raise $3.4 million towards our mission of advancing public health and nutrition utilizing the expertise of registered dietitians. Last year at FNCE we launched Kids Eat Right, a platform designed to ensure that sound nutrition recommendations are part of childhood obesity prevention efforts. Since that time, momentum for the campaign continues to build. We have 2,362 Campaign Volunteers, 4,877 Facebook fans, 3,281 followers on Twitter and 580,000 page views.

I am pleased to announce the release of two new Kids Eat Right toolkits, which will serve as resources for Campaign Volunteers and families. A healthy snacking toolkit was funded through the American Pistachio Growers and The Kellogg Company supported the development of a healthy breakfast toolkit. Additionally, two new toolkits will be available in 2012, promoting healthy meal planning, preparation, and family meals, funded by educational grants from General Mills and the Alliance for Potato Research and Education.

As part of Kids Eat Right, $100,000 in grants for Campaign Volunteers to offer Fuel up to Play 60 in their communities was provided through the support of National Dairy Council. Fuel up to Play 60 is one of the programs that all Campaign Volunteers can select as part of their Kids Eat Right Action Plan.

Campaign Volunteers are the on-the-ground force behind Kids Eat Right. We encourage you to become a Campaign Volunteer if you haven't already done so. Visit the Kids Eat Right member website to find out how you can get involved (

ADAF is also expanding the Energy Balance for Kids Program to five schools in Northern California with an enhanced version called, Energy Balance For Kids With Play, adding a strong physical activity component, thanks to the support of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. Over the past two years, the ground-breaking concept of an RD Nutrition Coach providing nutrition education and nutrition coaching to students in physical education classes, the school cafeteria and other non-traditional areas of the school environment was implemented in eleven schools in Kansas City and four schools in the great Des Moines area. Research conducted at the University of California at Berkeley is showing promising and exciting results from the project and we look forward to what we continue to learn in California.

MetLife Foundation renewed its $225,000 commitment for the RD-Parent Empowerment Program. This program brings the RDs' expertise and experience with children and families into school settings to teach and model for parents how to improve their families' eating and physical activity habits. These RDs provide parents with the nutrition knowledge and skills to help them create healthier lifestyles for their families. The RD-Parent Empowerment Program was successfully implemented in Chicago, Houston and New York City. It will be expanding in Chicago and to San Francisco and Washington DC this year.

Research remains a priority for the ADA Foundation. More than $150,000 in research funding is available annually, bringing more registered dietitians to the forefront and arming consumers with the most relevant and accurate food and nutrition information. Included in this total is a $35,000 grant available to a member conducting research related to childhood obesity. This grant is made possible through the $2 million ADAF Research Endowment which was funded through member contributions. The third recipient for this award will be selected this November. 

Support from our members is instrumental. Last year, nearly $1 million of the $3.4 million raised came from member contributions. Our goals for this next year are even loftier. We hope to count on your continued support and report even greater successes next year. This is your Foundation. Through your generosity we can continue to improve the health of the public using the expertise of our members.  

Finally, perhaps the biggest announcement at this year's FNCE was that beginning in 2012, the American Dietetic Association will be changing its name to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The ADA Foundation Board of Directors followed the ADA by voting in September to change its name to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation. We are very excited about this change and the prominence it will place on the work we do to better the health of the American public.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement. We have a tremendous amount of momentum on our side, and I am proud to lead this Foundation forward, continuing to grow upon all that has already been accomplished.


Barbara Ivens Signature

Barbara Ivens, MS, RD, FADA
Chair, ADA Foundation

ADA Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2011-2012

The ADA Foundation Scholarship Committee met in May to select the scholarship recipients for the 2011-12 academic year. The Committee awarded $448,650 in scholarships to 211 students during their meeting. The addition of some newly established scholarships enabled ADAF to provide even more dollars to students this year, including the CDR Diversity Scholarship and the Texas Association of Local WIC Directors (TALWD) Scholarship Fund. Kelsey Schoenbacher, who received the Texas Association of Local WIC Directors, expressed her gratitude saying, "By awarding me the Texas Association of Local WIC Directors Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on learning. Your generosity has given me reassurance that I will be able to attain success in my educational endeavors. I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the community and help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me." TALWD is committed to the development of future food and nutrition professionals who desire to pursue a career in public health/community nutrition, particularly the WIC Nutrition Program in Texas.

In addition to the scholarships awarded by the ADAF Scholarship Committee, an additional $50,000 was awarded to nine students as part of the ConAgra Home Food Safety Program.  As part of the application process, applicants submitted a 200 word essay answering the question, “As an enrolled student, what role can I play as a food safety advocate and why does my school need one?” The goal of the ADA Foundation/ConAgra Foods Food Safety Challenge is to educate and improve food safety for those living on campus.

The annual deadline to apply for an ADA Foundation Scholarship is February 15. For more information or to apply, please visit Scholarships and Financial Aid.

The deadline to apply for an ADA Foundation/ConAgra Foods Food Safety Student Challenge Scholarship is February 1. For more information or to apply, please visit

Awards and Named Research Grants

Each year ADAF makes available nearly $75,000 in Continuing Education, Recognition and Program Development Awards. This year, ADAF is pleased to offer some new awards including the American Overseas Dietetic Association International Project Award, the Rebecca Snowball Reeves Continuing Education Award, the CDR Grassroots Marketing Grant and the CDR Leadership Grant. The annual deadline to apply for the majority of ADAF Awards is December 1.  For more information or to apply, please visit

ADAF also makes available nearly $80,000 to ADA members through named research funds. These grants each have a different focus, including renal disease, childhood obesity, nutrition and oral health, diabetes medical nutrition therapy, diet and neurological disorders and nutritional epidemiology. Anna Arthur, MPH, RD, who received the 2011 Colgate Palmolive Fellowship in Nutrition, Oral Health/Dental Education expressed her gratitude saying, "I am very excited and grateful to be the recipient of the Colgate-Palmolive Fellowship in Nutrition and Oral Health. It is now possible for me to carry out my very own epidemiological study from start to finish, developing the invaluable skills I will need as I move forward with my research career. I hope to contribute significantly to the field of nutrition and oral health--identifying ways in which head and neck cancer disease outcomes may be improved via nutritional intervention. Thank you very much for this award." ADAF is pleased to offer a new research grant this spring funded by the Healthy Aging DPG. For more information or to apply for an ADAF Research Grant, please visit Research Grants. The annual deadline to apply for ADAF named research grants is April 1.  

Eat Right Society

ADA Foundation's Eat Right Society

The Foundation is proud to recognize and thank the members of the Foundation's annual donor giving club, The Eat Right Society. The Eat Right Society recognizes individual, affiliate and DPG donors who step forward annually and make a significant contribution to support the mission of the Foundation of advancing public health and nutrition utilizing the expertise of Registered Dietitians. Visit the Eat Right Society page at to view a list of current members who made a donation of $250 or more to any Foundation initiative between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. To join or to renew your gift for this fiscal year, please contact Amy Donatell at or 312/899-4767.

Donations can also be made online at

2011 ADA Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo Foundation Events and Activities Recap

Each year, FNCE provides the ADA Foundation a great opportunity to promote the Foundations Scholarship, Research, Awards and Kids Eat Right programs, in addition to raise funds to support these initiatives. This year, the Foundation raised more than $425,000 through sponsorship and event registrations during FNCE, proceeds benefit ADAF’s Annual Fund which offsets operating expenses associated with providing scholarships, awards, research grants and managing public education campaigns.

The highlight of the Foundation’s events at this year’s FNCE was the Kids Eat Right Gala, which brought 625 attendees together to celebrate the one-year birthday of the Kids Eat Right program. The evening included entertainment, awards presentations and a tribute to the Every Day Heroes that do so much to help move our profession forward.

The Foundation also hosted a variety of educational events and activities throughout FNCE, including two nutrition symposiums, The Family Meal: Reclaiming the Dinner Table and The Emerging Role of Lutein Across the Life Span, that were attended by more than 500 people. There were a few new events offered by the Foundation including an invigorating, outdoor Boot Camp, as well as the opportunity for attendees to take a professional headshot for their portfolio. The Foundation booth was also a hub of activity, with the annual silent auction that included nearly 100 items, the Hydration Station, the Pedometer Program, Kids Eat Right apparel and Dollars for Scholars.  

Each year, the Foundation strives to make it more affordable for students to attend FNCE by offering student stipends to help offset expenses associated with attending FNCE.  This year, ADAF awarded 130 students with stipends. Heather Snively Karas, one of the students awarded a stipend, sent her appreciate to the Foundation, "I am so grateful to the Foundation and my donor. This stipend made a huge difference and has made attending the conference an attainable goal. Thanks to the student stipend, I was able to attend FNCE and be inspired by many career possibilities."

ADAF is extremely grateful to those every day heroes that helped make all of these events and program possible. From the campaign volunteers featured at the gala to the 44 student volunteers and RD Nutrition Coaches who helped at the Kids Eat Right booth and with events, ADAF’s success would not have been possible without its volunteers. As proof of how valuable this work is, the Kids Eat Right kiosk received a great deal of traffic this year and as result; 146 new campaign volunteers signed up for Kids Eat Right during FNCE. So, thanks for making this one of the best FNCE's yet.

FNCE Booth Fundraiser

Many sponsors this year also went above and beyond with helping to support the ADA Foundation's Kids Eat Right Initiative with a variety of activities in their booths on the FNCE expo floor. PepsiCo, a Premier Sponsor, had attendees participate in the "Steps to Better Nutrition" game which raised $1,316 for the Kids Eat Right Program. General Mills, a Premier Sponsor, encouraged people to participate in the Get the Whole StoryTM Art Project. For each participant, General Mills donated $10 to the Kids Eat Right Program to help fund the creation of a Family Meal Planning Toolkit that enables families to prepare simple, healthful meals. ConAgra Foods encouraged visitors at its booth to "Take the Home Food Safety Pledge and support the Foundation Nutrition Education for The Public Fund. Attendees were encouraged to pledge to end every consultation with one home food safety tip. More than 1,300 members made the pledge, resulting in a $1,500 ConAgra Foods donation to the ADA Foundation Nutrition. "Members were delighted with the opportunity to support their Foundation in such a practical way and learn about the registered dietitian's vital role in raising awareness about food safety," said Barbara Ivens, MS, RD, FADA, senior director of Nutrition, ConAgra Foods.

The ADA Foundation would like to acknowledge all sponsors of ADAF events during the conference.

  • Abbott Nutrition Health Institute
  • ADA Partner ARAMARK
  • The Beef Checkoff through the National Cattlemen's Beef Association
  • FNCE Event Sponsors ConAgra Foods®
  • ADA Premier Sponsor: CoroWise™ brand
  • The Dannon Company, Inc.
  • Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group
  • EAS® Sports Nutrition
  • ADA Premier Sponsor, Mars, Inc
  • Lipton
  • Nestle Nutrition Institute
  • Sunsweet Growers, Inc

Special thanks to everyone who supported the Foundation during FNCE by attending a Foundation event, volunteering, making a donation or by promoting the Foundations programs.

Kids Eat Right

Kids Eat Right Is Celebrating Its First Birthday!

Nearly 2,300 ADA members have signed up to become Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers! That means these every day heroes are taking actions by targeting schools, communities, workplaces, media and policy-makers to promote quality nutrition. The Kids Eat Right Volunteers are spreading messages through their social networks to encourage people to visit, which is full of tips, articles, recipes, and videos (all contributed by registered dietitians) to help families shop smart, cook healthy, and eat right. To date, this website has had over 580,000 page views!

Below are resources and opportunities to look forward to, and a few highlights from the first year of Kids Eat Right!

  • January 2012—Launch of the Family Champions. One Change at a Time toolkit—Three workshops focusing on healthy family behaviors, meal planning and healthy cooking activities. RD mini-grants will be available!
  • October 2011—Training was held for the RD Parent Empowerment project, with 12 RDs receiving grants to implement in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
  • September 2011—Released the Healthy Breakfast and Healthy Snacking toolkits (both available for free at and 75 RD mini-grants.
  • August 2011—RD Nutrition Coach Training Academy for the Energy Balance for Kids With Play project was hosted in Northern California (6 RDs receiving funding to lead this program).
  • June 2011—Free ADA membership awarded to two Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers who completed the online Certificate of Training in Childhood Obesity Prevention.
  • May 2011—Affiliate Challenge (top 5 states with the highest percentage of Campaign Volunteers received $1,000 to promote Kids Eat Right in their state). The winning states were Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and West Virginia.
  • January 2011—Released the State of Family Nutrition and Physical Activity: Are We Making Progress? Report (available to view or download in the Campaign Volunteer toolkit at:; ADA's first online Certificate of Training in Childhood Obesity Prevention was released to ADA members:
  • December, 2010—Launched Fuel Up To Play 60 RD grant program (50 RDs received grants to facilitate this program in 100 schools across the country).
  • November 2010 (FNCE)—Launched Kids Eat Right!

Join Kids Eat Right today at, and promote Kids Eat Right website for the public at

Corporate Supporters Continue to move the ADA Foundation Forward

The ADA Foundation would like to highlight some industry friends who provided support this  past year. Their generous contributions enable ADAF to continue our fundraising and grant-making activities.

The Nestle Nutrition Institute

The Nestle Nutrition Institute sponsored The Family Meal: Reclaiming the Dinner Table Symposium, which was of one of the ADA Foundation’s Nutrition Symposiums which took place during FNCE in San Diego. The symposium was developed to provide a better understanding of the many and diverse benefits of the family dinner and those factors that may threaten family nutrition and health. The session explored this complex issue from all angles --from social epidemiology to the history of dining together in the US, to innovative culinary techniques and practice.

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI) is an independent, non-profit organization with longstanding expertise in nutrition. Through science-based nutrition they strive to enhance the quality of people’s lives all over the world. NNI partners with health professionals by offering personalized nutrition information, education and networking. For more information, visit


For the second consecutive year the ADA Foundation Kids Eat Right Gala was sponsored in part by ARAMARK. Thanks to their generosity, attendees were treated to entertainment provided by various children’s groups and dancing, while learning about the work of the ADAF. ARAMARK, who has been an ADA Partner in ADA's corporate sponsorship program since April of 2007, is a leader in professional services, providing award-winning food services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses around the world. As one of America’s largest employers of dietitians, ARAMARK is committed to developing and retaining a team of dietetic leaders within their business units. For more information, visit

The Beef Checkoff through the National Cattlemen's Beef Association

The Beef Checkoff through the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has been a proud sponsor of the ADA Foundation Gala for more than 15 years. As a result of their support, attendees have celebrated a special evening with the Foundation while tasting a wide variety of delicious recipes prepared with lean cuts of beef. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is known as the chief source for beef nutrition including mouth-watering recipes, educational tools, helpful tips and updates on emerging research about beef’s beneficial role on a healthy diet. For more information on The Beef Checkoff through the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association or to find lean beef recipes, please visit

The Kellogg Company

The Healthy Breakfast Everywhere You Go Toolkit made possible by an educational grant from The Kellogg Company, launched this past fall. The toolkit, available for Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers consists of ready-made presentations, activities and handouts for four different audiences: elementary students, middle school students, high school students and school/community stakeholders. The Foundation worked in collaboration with members from the Pediatric, Weight Management, School Nutrition and Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Groups on the development of the toolkit. To access the Healthy Breakfast Everywhere You Go Toolkit or to become a Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteer, please visit

The Kellogg Company is a Premier Sponsor in ADA’s corporate sponsorship program. The company was founded in 1906 with a focus on health and wellness which remains a cornerstone of the company’s mission today. Through their products, packaging, community efforts, sponsorships and nutrition education initiatives, the Kellogg Company is committed to helping consumers maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. For more information, visit the Kellogg Nutrition website at

American Pistachio Growers

A new Kids Eat Right toolkit made available by an educational grant from The American Pistachio Growers was launched during FNCE and promotes healthy snacking. The Healthy Snacking in a Nutshell Toolkit is available to Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers. The toolkit consists of ready-made presentations, activities and handouts for 10 different audiences. Members from the Food and Culinary Professionals; Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition and School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice Groups all participated in the development of the toolkit. To access the Healthy Snacking in a Nutshell Toolkit or to become a Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteer, please visit

The American Pistachio Growers, formally the Western Pistachio Association, is a voluntary agricultural trade association representing pistachio growers, processors and industry partners in California, Arizona and New Mexico. American Pistachio Growers help shape the future of the American pistachio industry by working together in a democratic unity. For more information please visit

General Mills and General Mill Foundation

The Champions for Healthy Kids Grants program is a partnership between the ADA Foundation, the General Mills Foundation and the President's Challenge. Since 2002, more than $4 million has been provided by the General Mills Foundation for innovative youth nutrition and fitness programs through the Champions Grant Program. These grants help the ADA Foundation to extend the work of RDs and DTRs in their communities. Each year the Champions program awards 50 grants of $10,000 each.

In addition to the Champions for Healthy Kids Grants program, General Mills is also sponsoring the development of a new Kids Eat Right toolkit focusing on healthy family behaviors, meal planning and healthy cooking activities. The toolkit will be available for Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers to download and use in early 2012.To become a Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteer, please visit

General Mills is a Premier Sponsor in ADA’s corporate sponsorship program. The General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition and its staff of doctorate-and master-level scientists and registered dietitians reflect General Mills' ongoing commitment to nourishing lives. The role of the Bell Institute is to provide nutrition expertise and guidance to General Mills as well as serve as a resource for health professionals. For more information please visit

Energy Balance 4 Kids (EB4K) RD Nutrition Coaches Move Forward in Iowa

USDA recently announced the Iowa Department of Education, along with the Iowa Energy Balance 4 Kids RD Coaches, as recipient of a Team Nutrition Grant to Improve the Health and Future of America's Children. This unique partnership between the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Energy Balance 4 Kids RD Coaches lends opportunities for Iowa dietitians to be more involved in nutrition, wellness and fitness in local schools.

EB4K coaches will assist 40 schools in making great strides to meet the Healthier US Schools Challenge (HUSSC) criteria through the development of a school based Energy Balance team at each school. Lead by the RD Coach, teams will determine school and district needs and implement strategies to create the healthiest environment possible. Coaches will review menus, provide nutrition and activity tips, assist with wellness policy revisions and provide assistance toward completing the HUSSC application.

Funding supports elementary and secondary schools applying for the Healthier US School Challenge, a key component of the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation. Iowa is one of 31 states receiving this grant and will be implemented during the two school semesters in 2012.