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The Foundation's giving society, The Eat Right Society, was created to recognize donors that support the Foundation's many important initiatives.
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Donor Spotlight

The Academy Foundation was thankful to have Elanco as a 2014 FNCE® Foundation supporter. Elanco was the sponsor of the "The RDNs Guide to Plentiful, Nutrient Dense Food for the World" Foundation Symposium.

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Summer 2011 Issue

ADA Foundation Matters is a quarterly electronic newsletter that covers current Foundation activities. It is sent to ADA members who have donated to the ADA Foundation.

In This Issue

  • A Message from Barbara Ivens, ADAF Chair
  • Spotlight on Kids Eat Right
  • Kids Eat Right Helps Children and Parents Understand Nutrition
  • Expansion of the RD Parent Empowerment Program
  • Thank You to ADA Foundation Corporate Donors

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Barbara Ivens

Message from ADA Foundation Chair Barbara Ivens, MS, RD, FADA

Greetings! It is my honor to serve as the 2011-2012 Chair of the American Dietetic Association Foundation. While no one can fill the shoes left behind by Judy Dodd, I am thrilled to lead a foundation that enjoyed such tremendous success under her guidance and is stronger than ever.

I am joined by an esteemed group of colleagues as we prepare for the coming year. Please join me in welcoming the new 2011-2012 American Dietetic Association Foundation Board members:

  • Ethan A. Bergman, PhD, RD, CD, FADA; Ellensburg, Washington; associate dean and professor of food science and nutrition, Central Washington University; and president-elect of the American Dietetic Association
  • Dennis M. Bier, MD; Houston, Texas; professor of pediatrics and director of the USDA Children's Nutrition Research Center and program director of the NIH General Clinical Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Joyce Ann Gilbert, PhD, RD, LD; Northridge, California; executive director of the Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, California State University – Northridge
  • Kathleen W. McClusky, MS, RD, FADA; Winter Springs, Florida; consultant, Morrison Management Specialists
  • Robert Murray, MD; Columbus, Ohio; professor in the Department of Pediatrics, the Ohio State University School of Medicine
  • Mary K. Russell, MS, RD, LDN; Chicago Illinois; director of clinical nutrition, University of Chicago Medical Center.

These leaders will be joining those returning members of our Board:

  • Sonja L. Connor, MS, LD, RD
  • Judith L. Dodd, MS, RD, FADA, LDN
  • Meghan E. Glenz-Windham, RD, LD
  • Diane W. Heller, MMSc, RD, LD
  • Michael Neuwirth

I would also like to acknowledge those who left the Foundation Board after this last term, and thank them for their service to the ADA Foundation and wish them well in their future endeavors:

  • Robert Earl, MPH, RD
  • Ellyn Elson, RD
  • Sylvia A. Escott-Stump, MA, RD, LDN
  • Chor-San Khoo, PhD
  • Robert W. Langholz, JD

This past year was very exciting for the Foundation. Below are some of the highlights:

  • ADA and ADAF launched Kids Eat Right which boasts 1,747 Campaign Volunteers, 3,247 Facebook fans, and 2,024 followers on Twitter.
  • Susan and Jim Finn provided a $100,000 gift to ADAF to explore the history and direction of the dietetics profession.
  • The ADAF Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey and Report generated more than 372,631,281 media impressions.
  • ConAgra Foods directed $50,000 to the ADA Foundation to award scholarships for a food safety student challenge.
  • The 2nd ADAF Food and Nutrition $35,000 research grant was awarded and 3rd RFP announced.
  • The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation committed $2.2 million in support to deliver the Energy Balance for Kids Program in six schools in Oakland during the next two school years.
  • ADAF granted $100,000 through the support of National Dairy Council to RDs implementing Fuel Up to Play 60 in targeted districts.
  • Dr. Marie Knickrehm remembered ADAF in her estate plans with an $180,000 gift to benefit the scholarship which carries her name.
  • A $235,000 grant from MetLife Foundation was secured to pilot the RD-Parent Empowerment Program in Chicago, Houston and New York.
  • CDR provided $660,000 for doctoral and diversity scholarships and the development of leadership scholarships, grassroots employer education grants and interactive technology based simulation grants.
  • General Mills Foundation and ADAF entered year nine of the Champions for Healthy Kids Partnership.
  • Charlotte Floyd established a $50,000 scholarship in honor of her sister, Colonel Nannie Rudd Evans.
  • The Eat Right Society was introduced to recognize annual gifts of $250 or more.
  • More than $770,000 was awarded in scholarships, research grants and awards this past year.
  • Members contributed nearly $1 million of the $3.4 million raised this past year.

I am also happy to announce that MetLife Foundation renewed its $225,000 support of the ADA Foundation RD-Parent Empowerment Program as part of Kids Eat Right. We look forward to expanding the program in Chicago and into San Francisco and the Washington, D.C., area. For more information on this and other advancements in the Kids Eat Right program, please read the Kids Eat Right Update below.

As we look to the future, the coming months will be equally as exciting for everyone here at the Foundation. Preparations for the 2011 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo are in full swing, and the Foundation is putting on another great selection of special events and symposiums. Be sure to read the FNCE Special Events section below for a full listing of everything we have planned.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the ADA Foundation. I am excited for everything that this coming year will bring, and I very much look forward to serving as your leader, representing such an esteemed group of dietetics professionals who are paving the way for the future of our great profession. I hope to see you all at FNCE in San Diego in just a few short months. And I wish you all a safe and happy summer.


Barbara Ivens Signature

Barbara Ivens, MS, RD, FADA
Chair, ADA Foundation

Kids Eat Right

Spotlight on Kids Eat Right

Kids Eat Right is off to a terrific start! Nearly 2,000 ADA members have signed up to become Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers! That means these 'everyday heros' are 1) taking actions targeting schools, community, workplace, media or policy to promote quality nutrition and 2) promoting Kids Eat Right messages through their social networks. Below you can find valuable information about the program and how you can get involved today.

The First Ever Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge winners!
Congratulations to the winners of the first Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge: Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and West Virginia! These five states currently have the highest percent of Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers.

Each of the winning states will receive a $1,000 award from the ADA Foundation and Kids Eat Right to be used to further promote Kids Eat Right in their state.

Healthy Breakfast Toolkit and RD Mini-Grants
Kids Eat Right will have a new toolkit promoting Healthy Breakfasts available to all Campaign Volunteers in September. The toolkit consists of ready-made presentations, activities and handouts for four different audiences: elementary students, middle school students, high school students and school/community stakeholders.

To support the toolkit use, 40 RD mini-grants of $200 are available.Recipients of the mini-grants agree to give two presentations from the toolkit between September and November. Please see full application for details.

Applications are due August 12, 2011.

The Healthy Breakfast Toolkit was made available by an educational grant from The Kellogg Company. Members from the Pediatric, Weight Management, School Nutrition and Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Groups participated in the development of the toolkit.

Healthy Snacking Toolkit and RD Mini-Grants
A new Healthy Snacking toolkit will be launching at FNCE and will be available for all Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers. The snacking toolkit will include 10 presentations targeted toward 10 different audiences, with PowerPoint presentations, activities and handouts. A number of RD mini-grants will also be available. Watch for more information about the toolkit and mini-grants soon!

The Healthy Snacking Toolkit was made available by an educational grant from the Western Pistachio Association. Members from the School Nutrition Services; Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition; and the Food and Culinary Professionals DPGs are participating in the development of the toolkit.

Not only for Members Working with Kids
Kids Eat Right is an integral part of ADA's Childhood Obesity Prevention Action Plan. But it's not just for ADA members working in pediatrics. Kids Eat Right promotes a quality nutrition approach, and has suggested actions that target adults – in the workplace, in the community, in schools, with the media and in policy efforts. Many Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers are enjoying receiving the Monday Message (tip, article, recipe and video of week) and sharing it throughout their workplace or with friends, patients and clients.

Member Promotion
ADA member involvement is critical to the success of the Kids Eat Right campaign. Great support is coming from DPGs, MIGs, affiliates and districts. For example, the Weight Management DPG is offering stipends to its members to support them in getting involved in Kids Eat Right. The School Nutrition Services DPG has contributed useful tip sheets that are now available to Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers at the member site. Several states and DPGs have hosted Kids Eat Right presentations at their meetings and through member communications. And ADAF recently hosted the Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge – providing $1,000 to the five states with the highest percentage of Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers.

As part of ADA's comprehensive, multi-year Childhood Obesity Prevention Action Plan, it's important that Kids Eat Right collaborates with other ADA activities. Kids Eat Right is working closely with the ADA D.C. office to coordinate efforts with the national Let's Move Cities and Towns component of Let's Move so that RDs can really make an impact at the grassroots level in their communities. Let's Move Cities and Towns charges mayors to develop a plan for their community to promote improved eating and increased physical activity. Many of the suggested Let's Move Cities and Towns actions are and will continue to be aligned with actions found on the Kids Eat Right member site.

Educating the Public
In addition to the impact ADA members are making every day in their professional and volunteer activities, we also now have a very valuable website for the public. This website is designed to help busy families shop smart, cook healthy and eat right, and contains tips, articles, recipes and videos, all contributed by registered dietitians. This website has already had nearly 200,000 visitors!

What are You Waiting For?
Join the fun – become a Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteer today and join other 'everyday heros'!

Learn more about Kids Eat Right by reading the list of frequently asked questions.

Kids Eat Right Helps Children and Parents Understand Nutrition

The work our Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers are doing around nutrition education are making an impact on kids and families across the country. We continue to receive positive feedback from the Kids Eat Right program. Below is a sampling of some of the comments we have received from parents:

"My daughter does not eat vegetables at all, I had tried few things on my own and sometime it works and sometime it does not work. After watching 'Picky Eaters Pointers' video, I learn to change the way I cook vegetable and try to be a good role model for her. The key point that works for me is that I let her pick out the kind of vegetable she want to eat and have her help me cook it. I think this works already she already pick out what vegetable she wants for dinner tonight."

"I really like the way the website gives you ideas on how to make cooking dinner something to do with your children. It's a way to have that quality time together and teach them about eating the right foods."

"I have been to several nutritional websites in the past but they have not really provided me with the information I was interested in finding. This website will be very helpful to my husband and I as we are struggling with our boys' picky eating habits."

"I went to this website thinking that it was going to be like all of the other health websites that just tell you what you already know and have outrageous recipes that no one would ever really eat (especially a toddler), but I was pleasantly surprised!! I love this website so much that I saved it to my favorites and printed off some of the recipes to try later this week!!"

"As a parent, I am thrilled to have this website as a resource to educate myself to shop smart, cook healthy and eat right. I am excited to inform my friends and family with children about the useful tips they provide."

"Feeding my son a health balanced meal is something I am desperate to do as a mother, so I find this website to be very informative. In one article the author, Robert Duyff, spoke about the idea of simply changing recipes so that they are healthier. What a great idea! So often I am stuck in the ideas that I have to follow the recipes exactly when it honestly would be so simple to just change a few things. I love the recipes such as chocolate zucchini cupcakes, what a great way to too combine the healthy and tasty! What a great tool for future cooking endeavors!"

Expansion of the RD Parent Empowerment Program

This past year, ADA Foundation piloted the RD-Parent Empowerment Program through the support of MetLife Foundation. As part of the Kids Eat Right initiative, this program brought the expertise and experience of registered dietitians to children and families in school settings to teach and model for parents how to improve their families' eating and physical activity habits. The pilot used the highly-successful, evidence-based Healthy Children, Healthy Futures' 8 Habits for Healthy Kids™ as a parent-to-parent method. It was built on the prior successes to create a parent-centric model that is delivered by RDs in partnership with elementary schools. These RDs provided parents in select schools in Chicago, Houston and New York with the nutrition knowledge and skills to help them create healthier lifestyles for their families.

Lesson learned from the pilot provided a base for expansion of the program in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., this next school year. This offers an opportunity for parents and families to learn from the expertise of a RD and expand the reach of the program.

MetLife Foundation was created in 1976 by MetLife to continue its longstanding tradition of contributions and community involvement. The goal is to empower people to lead healthy, productive lives and strengthen communities. Underlying the Foundation's programs is a focus on education at all ages and a commitment to increasing access and opportunity. The Foundation makes grants in health, education, civic affairs and culture.

Thank You to ADA Foundation Corporate Donors

In order for the ADA Foundation to achieve its goals, we often rely on the financial support of individuals and corporations. This support allows the Foundation to continue to:

  • Serve as the largest provider of dietetics scholarships to assist dietetics students at all levels of study
  • Recognize the outstanding achievements and furthering careers of ADA members
  • Fund research to continue positioning the ADA and its members as the nutrition experts
  • Promote a healthy today and tomorrow for children and families through Kids Eat Right by making resources available to both members and consumers.

Special thanks to those corporate friends who supported ADAF's mission of advancing public health and nutrition utilizing the expertise of registered dietitians this past year.

Commission on Dietetic Registration
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
MetLife Foundation
General Mills and General Mills Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999
ConAgra Foods
Texas Association of Local WIC Directors
Abbott Nutrition
Almond Board of California

$25,000 - $49,999
The Beef Checkoff through the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
The Kellogg Company
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Giant Eagle, Inc.
Western Pistachio Association

$10,000 - $24,999
The Coca-Cola Company
Colgate Palmolive Company
National Dairy Council
The Dannon Company
Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition
Mars Inc
McNeil Nutritionals, LLC
PepsiCo North America
Truvia Sweetener

Represents gifts of $10,000 and above received between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011