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RD Coach Spotlight: Mary Dutcher

Mary Dutcher

RD Coach Spotlight: November 2010
Mary Dutcher, MS, RD, CDE
RD Coach
Des Moines, Iowa

I am thrilled to be a RD Coach! I have held numerous positions during my 30 plus years as an RD. Being an RD coach has to be one of the most fulfilling and fun jobs that I ever have been given the opportunity to participate in. I love watching the kids get excited about nutrition and learning how to take care of their bodies by making healthy choices. The program is ingenious, in that it pairs delightfully fun activities with learning about healthy foods and energy balance. It allows kids to interact with their friends and explore what may be a new way of thinking about nutrition for them, in an environment where they feel comfortable. One of the changes I am most proud to report is multiple children said they were drinking less pop and more water, as a result of our intervention! Music to my ears!