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a Publication for members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic

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Foundation's Giving Club
Early Professionals Eat Right Society

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The Foundation's giving society, The Eat Right Society, was created to recognize donors that support the Foundation's many important initiatives.
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The Commission on Dietetic Registration
CDR's vision is to protect and improve the health of the public and support practitioner competence, lifelong learning and career advancement. CDR credentialed practitioners are recognized and respected as the food and nutrition leaders.

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I WILL Legacy Society Members

Many members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have shown their support by naming the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation in their will. Special thanks for the following who have included the Foundation in their estate plans.

Ronald and Celia L. Adolphi

Martha Alva

Teresa J. Amos

Christine R. Anderson

Beulah K. Archer

Clara Augustine

Beverly Bajus

Frances G. Ballentine

Alice S. Barber

Susan I. Barr

Mary Ruth Bedford

Susan T. Borra

Catherine Brodersen

Deborah D. Canter

Mary A. Carey

Ruth Carey

Jerry and Stella F. Cash

Jo Anne Cassell

Amelia Catakis

Neva H. Cochran

Kitty R. Coffey

Phyllis R. Davis

Doris V. Derelian

Gayle L. Dixon

Judith L. Dodd

Beatriz U. Dykes

Ellyn C. Elson

Karen M. Ensle

Caryl B. Fairfull

Cecilia P. Fileti

Jim and Susan C. Finn

Polly A. Fitz

Patricia A. Fitzpatrick

Josephine S. Fowler

Cheryl R. Galligos

Janice G. Gary

Herbert D. and Nylda Gemple

Barbara S. Gollman

Linda E. Goodwin

Patricia W. Gorman

Rita J. Grandgenett

Jean M. Grant

Carol V. Hall

Jean H. Hankin

Virginia F. Harger

Mary R. Harrity

Mary Abbott Hess

Barbara Ann F. Hughes

Lois M. Jackson

Margaret A. James

Rachel K. Johnson

Karen E. Kafer

Susan S. Kennedy

Kathleen D. Kidd

Marie Knickrehm

Mary A. Kunz

Elaine Kvitka-Nevins

Vivian J. Lane

Susan H. Laramee

Linda C. Lavine

Judith S. Libby

Ruby W. Linn

Sara Long

Katharine Manchester

M. Josephine Martin

Jeanne B. Martin

Marion Mason

Sharon M. McCauley

Eunshil S. McKenna

Donna J. Medlin

Wilda Q. Meier

Ann M. Messersmith

Elaine R. Monsen

Lenora Moragne

Donna H. Mueller

Patricia A. Obayashi

Kathleen H. Ocker

Christine M. Palumbo

Frances C. Parker

Sara C. Parks

Mary O. Pitt

Martha J. Reddout

Rebecca S. Reeves

Elsine S. Roderick

Dorothy M. Rowe

Pauline Schatz

Mary K. Schneider

Nancy E. Schwartz

Ellyn C. Silverman

Miriam B. Stanford

Janice L. Thayer

Tina M. Topalian

Lois G. Torgerson

Sandra L. Tyler

Barbara J. Visocan

Kenneth W. Wear

Jane V. White

Betty J. Wilhelm

Elisabeth E. Williams

Esther A. Winterfeldt

Audrey C. Wright