Importance of Partnering with the Academy

Developing a business relationship should be a strategic move, and the Academy understands that all aspects of the relationship need to be considered to ensure success. This is illustrated through our dedication to creating positive professional connections; our continual efforts to build relationships; and through the development and nurturing of the Academy's Exhibitor Advisory Council.

Creating Positive Professional Connections

Positive business relationships are vital to developing the careers of Registered Dietitians Nutritionist (RDN), Dietetic Technicians, Registered (DTR), to the businesses who exhibit and sponsor the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE®). Selecting the right products and services is an essential element for dietitians who work in a variety of settings from hospital/patient care, food service management, clinical nutrition, and community outreach. Business relationships are important connections and resources for dietitians as they conduct the daily aspects of their jobs, enhance patient's health and well-being, maximize productivity, and build their knowledge about products, changes and trends. Building future business relationships can help dietitians when a product or service has changed or when an additional product or service is needed. Positive relationships with companies also provide a way to enhance the profession.

Building the Relationship

Business relationships are built over time as the RDN and the DTR progress in her/his career. Participating in the myriad of promotional activities throughout the year and more specifically at FNCE® can enhance the relationship-building process, while supporting both professional and sales goals. FNCE®-related promotional activities provide a forum to expand a company's reach to a greater number of Academy members, and allow time for the development of business relationships. Exhibitors are important to the continuous education of dietitians, providing current product and service information, trend information and funding for specialty and national educational activities.

The Academy's Exhibitor Advisory Council

The Academy Board of Directors recognizes the value of the relationships between businesses, exhibitors and the Academy as an organization. The Exhibitor Advisory Council (EAC) is the exhibitor's liaison to the Academy. All of the EAC members are a valuable resource on-site as well as in advance of FNCE®. Their main role is to provide feedback to the Academy and recommend improvements for the FNCE® Expo.


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