Speaker Reimbursement and Benefits

Session Funding Guidelines

  • All proposals must indicate an honorarium for each speaker, even if $0 is requested.
  • The Professional Development Team will contact speakers directly to negotiate honoraria, if necessary.
  • The Professional Development Team will send all approved speakers a packet with required paperwork, including speaker agreement, housing, and travel forms.
  • Final negotiation of speaker honoraria and expense reimbursement will be handled by the Academy Professional Development Team.
  • All speakers must present for at least 30 to 40 minutes to receive an honorarium.
  • All sessions, regardless of classification (General or DPG/MIG Spotlight), fall within the funding guidelines as noted in the chart below.
  • Panelists, Moderators, Program Planners, Open Discussion Facilitators, etc. — Benefits ARE NOT available for these session roles.

Button Session Proposal FNCE 2014

Speaker Benefits for 2014




Travel, Hotel, Meals


Two Speaker (90-minute session)

Member (1)


1 Day Subsistence
1 Night Housing

Complimentary (Full Week)

Nonmember (2)


1 Coach Airfare
1 Day Subsistence
1 Night Housing

Complimentary (One Day)

(1,2) Speaker benefits have been realigned to be more equitable for members and nonmembers

Session Benefits for FNCE 2014

  • Members and nonmembers will receive housing and subsistence benefits for day of presentation only.
  • Members will continue to receive full complimentary FNCE registration.
  • Nonmembers will receive complimentary FNCE registration for day of presentation only.

Session Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship is no longer aligned with specific educational sessions.
  • No additional benefits above and beyond the aforementioned member and nonmember speaker benefits guidelines apply.

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