Session Review and Notification

  • The Academy Committee for Professional Development (CPD) will review all proposals received on or before November 15, 2014.
  • The CPD will consider the educational value of each proposal and the extent to which it presents new and/or significant information to the dietetics profession. All proposals will be judged on their quality and individual merit.
  • Proposals received on or before the deadline will be reviewed based on:
    1. Appropriateness of Topic
    2. Advanced Level of Content
    3. Science or Evidence-based
    4. Cutting-edge Information that has not been Previously Presented
    5. Comprehensiveness of Session Objectives
    6. Expertise of Proposed Speakers
    7. Speaker Selection Related to Experience and Topics
    8. Essential Practice Information
  • Program planners will be notified of the proposal's final status by late February 2015.
  • A CPD member and/or Academy Staff partner may contact the Program Planner with questions regarding a proposal.
  • Proposals are considered accepted only when the Program Planner receives an electronic/written confirmation from the Academy Professional Development Team.
  • Session details should not be publicized until the Program Planner receives electronic/written confirmation of acceptance from the Academy Professional Development Team.
  • FNCE® proposals are considered "works in progress" as the Academy and the CPD work to provide quality programming each year.
  • The Academy has the option to not accept proposed or suggested speakers based on their qualifications or frequency of presentation.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Academy may recommend and/or require speaker modifications for proposal acceptance in order to match the overall programming needs at FNCE®.
  • The Academy reserves the right to make recommendations and requirements for revisions of content within proposals prior to acceptance.
  • Generally, due to space and time considerations, only 30-40 percent of proposals are accepted.

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