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We are excited to provide attendees with information on Exhibitors New Products from the FNCE® 2014. Below are the new products that will be showcased at this year's FNCE®!

KAO Coffee

Kao Coffee

Qupio® Total Lifestyle Management Solutions provide products and resources for patients who have or are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. We feature two products: Qupio Selections, which provide Smart Functional Products to Support Health and our Qupio® Weight Management Program. Our products enrich the patient experience and help healthcare professionals provide their patients with the tools needed to help make healthy choices every day.

Our newest Qupio Selections Product, Kao® Coffee, is the first coffee beverage in the US to have functional health benefits with a mild brewed coffee flavor. With high levels of antioxidants and reduced oxidized compounds. Visit our booth to learn about the science behind Kao® Coffee. For more information visit

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Exhibitor: Kao Health and Nutrition

Booth: 2729 | Map It

Burgandy Leaf LettuceBurgandy Romaine

Nutraleaf Burgundy

Nutraleaf Burgundy Leaf Lettuce and Nutraleaf Burgundy Romaine are all-new, all-natural, non GMO lettuces created by plant scientists at Rutgers University to provide significant amounts of the antioxidant group polyphenols as well as anthocyanins. In addition they are excellent sources of vitamin A and C and manganese and a good source of fiber. They are nutrient rich.

These new lettuces are available only from Coastline Family Farms, which grows them in the fertile Salinas Valley of California in the spring, summer and fall and in the winter in the Imperial Valley. Coastline has the highest standards for food safety and quality assurance and is proud of their sustainability efforts and their commitment to their land and their community. Come see and sample at booth 2518. For more information visit

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Exhibitor: Coastline Family Farms

Booth: 2518 | Map It

 V8 Pro Shake ChocolateV8 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar


At V8®, we believe that good nutrition comes from a variety and balance of ingredients you know. V8 Protein Shakes blend ingredients you feel good about, like dairy, soy, pea, brown rice, and quinoa proteins with flavors you love like rich cocoa, creamy vanilla, and a hint of raspberry, to give you satisfyingly delicious energy. Each 10oz bottle gives you 12g of protein, as much fiber as one cup of kale, one quarter cup of vegetables, and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Also try V8 Protein bars with 10g of protein, as much fiber as two cups of kale, and one quarter cup of vegetables per bar. The bars come in delicious flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Pomegranate with Cranberries.

Learn More on the Expo Floor

Exhibitor: Campbell Soup Company

Booth: 1415 | Map It


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