New Product Showcase

Did you miss seeing all of the NEW PRODUCTS at the 2013 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™ (FNCE®)? Below are the new products from the 2013 FNCE®. Check back in June 2014 to get a first look at new products from the 2014 FNCE® Exhibitors!

Barbaras Cinnamon Crunch

Barbaras Vanilla Blast

Barbara's Bakery

Make way for a new family favorite! Introducing Organic Snackimals Cereal from Barbara's. Hooray! The lovable characters and flavors from Barbara's Snackimals cookie line are now available as a cereal. There's a story to tell in every spoonful of this Organic, Non-GMO Verified cereal that has: 8g of whole grains per serving, only 7g of sugar per serving, is pre-biotic for digestive health, a good source of fiber and calcium, low sodium, fat free, and cholesterol free

At Barbara's, we ask why shouldn't healthy cereal be fun? Snackimals Cereals are the first cereals for kids in the natural aisle to come in fun animal shapes. They have been taste-tested with kids and parents, so we know that the flavors are kid-approved. Snackimals Cereals in Vanilla Blast and Cinnamon Crunch varieties (9-ounce box) are now available at major retail grocery stores and natural stores nationwide.

For more information on any of Barbara's products and/or to sign up for our Health Professionals newsletter, please visit and stop on by Booth 845 at FNCE®!

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Exhibitor: Barbara's Bakery

Booth: 845 | Map It

Home Style Spicy Vegetable Chili

Campbell Soup Company: Campbell’s® Healthy Request® Homestyle Spicy Vegetable Chili

Introducing Campbell's® Healthy Request® Homestyle Spicy Vegetable Chili. Add some spice into your routine with this deliciously heart healthy soup. Made with a specialized blend of kidney, black and garbanzo beans mixed with kicked up peppery spices which is smoothed out with a combination of Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses - this vegetable based chili will be sure to have you craving for more. For more information, visit

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Exhibitor:Campbell Soup Company

Booth: 1701 | Map It

V8 Fusion Diet Cranapple

Campbell Soup Company: V8 V-Fusion® Diet Sparkling

Last year we introduced V8 V-Fusion® Sparkling and this year, we are proud to bring you V8 V-Fusion® Diet Sparkling. Experience the same effervescent bubbles that tickle your nose, dance on your tongue, and burst with fruit flavor but for only 10 calories per serving. With no added sugar and a blend of 5 vegetable & fruit juices, V8 V-Fusion Diet Sparkling is a refreshingly tasty option available in Cranberry Apple flavor. For more information, visit

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Exhibitor:Campbell Soup Company

Booth: 1701 | Map It

V8 Fusion Diet CranRasp

Campbell Soup Company: V8 V-Fusion +Energy Diet

V8 V-Fusion® +Energy is now available in Diet! Get the boost you need to get through your busy day for only 10 calories per serving. It’s the refreshing, great-tasting energy drink that is powered by natural green tea - so you can feel good about it, too! Each 8 oz. can contains a delicious blend of 7 vegetable and fruit juices and provides an excellent source of B vitamins without any artificial colors or flavors and no added sugar. Try this delicious beverage in Cranberry Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade flavors. For more information, visit

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Exhibitor:Campbell Soup Company

Booth: 1701 | Map It

Go Veggie

GO Veggie (Galaxy Nutritional Foods)

Visit booth #830 and get a taste of GO Veggie! Dairy Free Strawberry Cream Cheese Alternative – a creamy, smooth vegan spread that's a perfect addition to breakfast, lunch and dessert. It is non-GMO, kosher, and is casein, gluten, palm oil, cholesterol and trans fat free! Come by our booth to taste the cream cheese on a bagel each morning of the show and in a recipe created by Katie Cavuto Boyle. GO Veggie! Cream Cheese Alternatives are also available in Classic Plain and Chive & Garlic flavors. All three flavors of cream cheese were winners of Delicious Living's Best Bite Award for Best Non-Dairy Cheese 2013.

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Exhibitor: GO Veggie (Galaxy Nutritional Foods)

Booth: 830 | Map It


Just Food

Just Food Pouches 

Just Food

Introducing Just Food Blends: Real food meals for people on feeding tubes.

Available this fall in three varieties, Just Food Blends meals are each made up of a lean protein, whole grain, fruit, vegetable and healthy fat in a convenient 8 ounce, shelf-stable pouch for use in a feeding tube. These meals were developed by a mom of a tube-fed child who believed in the power of real food. With Just Food Blends, tube-fed people can now enjoy the benefits of 100% real food and nutritional variety not typically found in commercial formulas.

Stop by Booth #750 to meet Marsha Dunn Klein, author of the “Homemade Blended Formula Handbook” and enter to win a Vitamix blender!

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Exhibitor: Just Food

Booth: 750 | Map It

Kelloggs Fiber Plus

Kellogg Company: Fiber Plus Mixed Nut

Delicious chewy bars made with peanuts, roasted soybeans, and almonds, then drizzled with chocolate. With 10 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, plus 15% Daily Value of calcium and 25% Daily Value of antioxidants Vitamin E and zinc, it makes a great snack!

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Exhibitor: Kellogg Company

Booth: 1219 | Map It

Kelloggs Raisin Bran Omega3 Flax Seed

Kellogg Company: Raisin Bran® Omega-3 from Flaxseed Cereal

Delicious Raisins Blended with Crisp Bran Flakes, Flaxseeds and a Touch of Sweetness

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Exhibitor: Kellogg Company

Booth: 1219 | Map It

Kelloggs Chili Lime

Kellogg Company: Special K™ Chili & Lime Cracker Chips

The perfect balance of zesty chili and tart lime. Tempting and crunchy, they’re 110 calories for 27 cracker chips, so you can feel free to satisfy your salty snack craving.

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Exhibitor: Kellogg Company

Booth: 1219 | Map It

Kelloggs Special K Multigrain

Kellogg Company: Special K® Multi-Grain Cereal

With crunchy flakes made from a hearty blend of wheat, rice and corn, Special K® Multi-Grain Cereal is a good source of fiber and has 11 grams of whole grain. Pair this crunchy cereal with skim milk, fresh fruit and coffee for a filling breakfast you can feel good about.

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Exhibitor: Kellogg Company

Booth: 1219 | Map It

Kelloggs Nourish Cranberry

Kelloggs Nourish Lemon

Kellogg Company: Special K Nourish™ Bars

Help nourish your hunger with the unique multi-grain blend and great flavors in NEW Special K Nourish TM Bars. They're a good source of protein and fiber for less than 200 calories. In three great flavors – Lemon Twist, Cranberry Almond, and Dark Chocolate Nut Delight.

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Exhibitor: Kellogg Company

Booth: 1219 | Map It

Livlago Dual Products


Livliga - An innovative tool and simple solution for healthy eating

  • New! Individual Place Setting in 2 attractive patterns—Vivente or Hälsa
  • New! Get Started Kit with Daily Menu Planner and Booklet
  • New! Children’s Line—Kidliga — 3pc set with Adventure Book
  • New! Healthy Lifestyle book for kids – Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa: The Search for a Balanced Meal

Why Livliga works

  • Easy-to-use solution for individuals, families and children wanting to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Provides a right-sized food environment for right-sized eating
  • Clear guide for serving sizes according to the different food groups as defined by the USDA/my plate
  • Showcases elements of a balanced meal, essential for healthy eating
  • Elegantly intelligent tool people will want to use everyday for every meal in both informal and formal settings
  • Tool that reinforces what Doctors, RD/Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers and Wellness Coaches are teaching

Discover how Livliga will benefit you and your clients!

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Exhibitor: Livliga

Booth: 544 | Map It

Naturals Sweetner

Merisant: Naturals™ 100% Natural 0 Calorie Sweetener

Naturals™ 100% Natural 0 Calorie Sweetener from the makers of Equal® sweetener

For over 30 years, Equal® has brought delicious 0 calorie sweeteners to the world. Now this trusted brand presents delicious 100% natural sweetness anywhere you need a little sweet ….. Naturally.

Naturals™ from the maker of Equal® is a 100% natural 0 calorie blend of Monk Fruit and Stevia with the sweet taste and texture of sugar. Monk Fruit, discovered in Asia, is a little green fruit whose deliciously sweet extract has been used for hundreds of years. Stevia was unlocked from the amazing leaves of the stevia plant. Its sweet extract has been enjoyed for centuries by the Guarani people of South America to sweeten herbal teas. Two of nature's "sweet" secrets, we now bring you the perfect combination of sweet.

Available in packet form, sprinkle, stir or blend into you favorite foods, beverages and baked goods It's appropriate for individuals with diabetes and those following a gluten free lifestyle. Naturals is Kosher (parve). Visit for more information and delicious recipes.

We invite you to stop by and try a sample!

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Exhibitor: Merisant Co./Whole Earth Sweetener Company, LLC

Booth: 809 | Map It

PureVia Turbinado

Merisant: Pure Via® Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend

Sugar has met its match with Pure Via® Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend!

Our unique blend combines turbinado sugar and the Stevia plant extract to create a golden brown all natural sweetener that’s crunchy, sweet and delicious. Stevia is naturally sweet and has zero calories. When combined with turbinado sugar, the delicious blend has only half the calories of sugar as compared to 1 teaspoon of white granulated sugar. A completely unique new way to make your favorite foods and beverages naturally delicious!

Available in a 100 count box and 1.5 LB bag. With only 5 calories per serving (1 sachet or ½ teaspoon) and crunchy golden crystals that taste like sugar, you will want to use it to sweeten not only your morning coffee, fruits and cereals but also use for cooking and baking. Pure Via® Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend is Kosher (parve). For more information and delicious recipes, visit

Pure via is a registered trademark of Whole Earth Sweetener Co. LLC ©

We invite you to stop by and try a sample!

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Exhibitor: Merisant Co./Whole Earth Sweetener Company, LLC

Booth: 809 | Map It

Farroto Nature's Choice

Nature's Earthly Choice Line

Nature's Earthly Choice

Natures’s Earthly Choice has been bringing you great tasting, versatile grains since 2005, founded on the principles of creating delightfully healthy and wholesome products. We began our mission with quinoa, farro, and wheat berries, and have since expanded to a full line of grains, superseeds, and even gluten free quinoa pastas. Recently we have partnered with Greenwheat Freekeh, the world leader in research on green grains and their health benefits to bring you a Greenwheat cracked freekeh that cooks in half the time of whole freekeh.

Our newest value added additions to the family include the clever and delicious Farrotto which cooks like a risotto, Easy Quinoa which include a gourmet blend of vegetables and spices so you are guaranteed delicious results every time, and Easy Quinoa Soups, all allowing you to put a great tasting side dish together from pantry to plate in a matter of minutes to help take the hassle out of the kitchen!

No matter your dietary needs, whether your searching for products that are gluten free, rich in Omega 3’s, high in protein or simply an alternative grain, Nature’s Earthly Choice provides the best tasting and healthiest selections, from around the globe. Thanks to Nature’s Earthly Choice, it’s always easy to bring the best of Mother Nature to your family’s table.

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Exhibitor: Nature's Earthly Choice

Booth: 866 | Map It

Instant NEWtrition Southwest Corn Chowder

Kherb Appeal 3D Chocolate


"Raising the bar on nutrition with ounces of prevention"™

We make tasty Functional Foods & Beverages, so that excellent nutrition is within easy reach of everyone.

  • Instant NEWtrition™:
    The savory alternative to those sugary-sweet meal replacement shakes.
    "You won't find an easier meal to make or a soup that packs more nutrition into every drop!™"
  • HHice Cream™ Probiotic Defense:
    The "Healthy Hospital" frozen yogurt soft serve with vitamins, minerals and probiotics that boost immunity.
  • Kherb Appeal™:
    A Delight-Full™ instant pudding, that suppresses appetite and provides 1/2 your Daily Value (DV) of 19 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Alpha Omega™:
    Elevate your smoothie into a complete meal replacement!
  • Haute Tomato™:
    A spicy tomato beverage mix, which delivers 1/3 your DV of 19 essential vitamins and minerals. "Your Multi-Vitamin Never Tasted So Good!™"

All our products are:

  • Gluten-Free
  • No Artifical Anything

We also don't ship water, or diminish the vitality of our nutrients during processing.

Simply put: We have "Brands that are better tasting and better for you"!™

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Exhibitor: NEWtricious

Booth: 661 | Map It

Salt for Life Container

Salt for Life Spoon


Nu-Tek Food Science—the world leader in sodium reduction—is responding to the growing demand for a sodium-reduction solution for consumers, restaurant operators and the foodservice industry with Salt for LifeTM Sea Salt Blend. Salt for Life Sea Salt Blend—the only sea salt with 70% less sodium than table salt—delivers the true taste of salt using the revolutionary, patented technology of Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium ChlorideSM—Nu-Tek Food Science's food ingredient product that has proven efficacy in multiple lower-sodium products currently in the market.

Salt for Life Sea Salt Blend is made with all-natural sea salt that's great tasting, Kosher-certified, gluten and allergen free and can easily be incorporated into recipes as a one-to-one replacement for salt—providing consistent quality and consumer-preferred taste.

Salt for Life Sea Salt Blend—recently launched as a retail and foodservice product and an award recipient of the 2013 Food & Beverage Innovations Awards presented by The National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show—is available in containers for back-of-the-house kitchen use and tabletop shakers, as well as single-serve sachets.

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Exhibitor: Nu-Tek

Booth: 1356 | Map It

Pro Stat Max

Nutricia North America

Pro-Stat® MAX

Pro-Stat MAX offers the highest quality liquid protein medical food for critical situations! Pro-Stat Max is a medical food designed for the dietary management of wounds, and for those unable to meet their protein requirements from a normal diet. It is a true breakthrough in protein technology providing the highest quality and quantity of complete protein in the lowest volume, great tasting liquid form.

Pro-Stat MAX is:

  • Nutrient dense, providing 11 g of protein and 80 calories in 1 fl oz to help meet the high protein demands during critical illness
  • A sugar free, whey-based hydrolyzed complete protein providing a PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 100%
  • Available in a great tasting, grape flavor
  • Available in bottles (4/case) and unit doses (96/case)
  • For oral and enteral use

Pro-Stat MAX is a product offered by Nutricia. Nutricia leads the development of advanced medical nutrition. Our products and services transform the daily lives of millions of infants, children, adults and seniors. For more information, visit

Stop by Booth # 1349 and learn more!

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Exhibitor: Nutricia North America

Booth: 1349 | Map It


Nutrihand Inc.

Nutrihand launches Health First SM for Corporate Wellness

Nutrihand Inc, the leading provider of wellness application has partnered with worksite health promotion leader Denice Ferko-Adams, MPH, RDN to enable any RD using RD Clinic to provide corporate services. This innovative set of tools allows RD to provide individual and group wellness programs. Modeled on Ferko-Adams' BMW corporate program with published outcomes, the evidence-based Health First SM allows development, implementation and delivery of services online or onsite. From marketing through data analysis to show return on investment, you will be able to guide your corporate clients to deliver year-round services designed to engage and retain a high percentage of the employee population. This is population health at the worksite level and it will also create a corporate culture of health. Starting as low as $49.95 per month, visit us at the booth, meet Denice Ferko-Adams and jump start your career in worksite wellness!

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Exhibitor: Nutrihand Inc.

Booth: 720 | Map It


Sunsweet's NEW Amazing Products

Amazin Trio

Amazing Prune Light

Introducing Sunsweet’s NEW Amazing Products! Try Plum Amazins Diced Dried Plums, with less sugar, more fiber and a lower glycemic index than raisins and cranberries. They’re delicious tossed into salads, oatmeal or baked into your favorite cookie. Amazin Berry Blend and Amazin Cranberries have diced dried plums blended with indulgent cranberries and berries – perfect for snacking, with less sugar and more fiber than other dried fruit. For clients who enjoy juice, try Amazing Prune Light, a reduced calorie prune juice cocktail with only 100 calories per serving and a delicious light taste. It helps you "stay fit on the inside" like all of Sunsweet’s amazing juices.

Visit Sunsweet to find out more,

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Exhibitor: Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

Booth: 921 | Map It


The Laughing Cow® and Mini Babybel®

The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges and Mini Babybel Cheeses are thrilled to sample their newest flavors at FNCE this year. Come by booth 505 to sample each one!

The Laughing Cow White Cheddar Chive Onion

MBB Mozzarella

The Laughing Cow introduces the newest addition to the lineup: NEW Light White Cheddar flavor. This wedge is a rich, creamy, yet sharp spin on a classic that will satisfy your cravings with 35 calories per delicious wedge. Smooth Sensations™ Cream Cheese Spread from The Laughing Cow is masterfully churned for a delectable creaminess and individually portioned at 45 calories per 1/3 less fat cream cheese spread wedge, and is now available in NEW Chive & Onion 1/3 less fat. This bold blend of chive and onion pairs perfectly with toast or a bagel for a deliciously savory breakfast. For more information, visit

Mild, creamy, and absolutely delicious, NEW Mini Babybel Mozzarella Style is the perfect snack or lunchbox addition for the whole family. With 50 calories per tasty portion, this 100% natural wholesome cheese is a fun, satisfying snack that each member of the family will enjoy. For more information, visit

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Exhibitor: The Laughing Cow and Mini Babybel

Booth: 505 | Map It


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