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Your Support Matters

Kathleen McClusky

Kathleen W. McClusky, MS, RD, FADA
Member, ANDPAC Board of Directors
Chair, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation


We all face it: The continuing dilemma of many, many requests for money. They come from our favorite charities, religious organizations, alma maters, and the list goes on. Most of us have to balance all of these very worthy groups with our own personal finances and family needs. With the attitudes many have towards politics today, a political action committee may not seem competitive with many groups we are asked to support.

Where does the Academy’s Political Action Committee (ANDPAC), your political action committee, fit into all of this and why should it move up on your giving priority list? If you read any of the Academy’s publications or all member e-mails, it should be obvious that NOW is an amazing period for nutrition and dietetics. We have had several meetings at the White House, we have many advocates on both sides of the aisle in the Congress, and CMS is writing us into regulations to enable us to write diet orders.  We have accomplished all of this with the help of ANDPAC which helps us develop relationships with legislators by supporting their campaigns and their efforts. ANDPAC funds are used to make contributions to candidates for federal office who support the Academy’s mission, vision and public policy priorities. All contributions to candidates are approved by the ANDPAC Board of Directors (composed of 9 Academy members).

But does that mean you must give large amounts of money? Making an ANDPAC contribution of any amount, large or small, is what is important. It is just as impactful to show our elected officials that all of our members support ANDPAC. If every member donated just $10/year, ANDPAC would be one of the largest health care professional PAC's in the country!

As a reminder, none of your Academy membership dues go to ANDPAC as it is prohibited by law. But, you can contribute to ANDPAC via the website where you pay your dues or at any time during the year. On average only 5% of the Academy members support ANDPAC. This year help us increase our membership involvement numbers as the Academy approaches it's100th Anniversary!  Together we can celebrate our successes and enjoy this amazing time for all dietitians.

If you haven't supported ANDPAC – your PAC – in the past, now is definitely the time to make your voice heard. Please go to and make a contribution today.