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Stay Informed

ANDPAC Newsletter

The ANDPAC Board of Directors is proud to share the new issue of ANDPAC's quarterly newsletter. This publication will keep friends of ANDPAC informed about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and ANDPAC efforts to represent food and nutrition goals in Washington, DC and in state governments. There have been recent developments on Capitol Hill that have made it an exciting time to be a member of the Academy—learn how registered dietitians are making real-world impact on the nation's health.

ANDPAC Quarterly - Summer 2014


Join Us at the ANDPAC Power Breakfast

Power up your FNCE® experience with ANDPAC. On Tuesday, October 21 at 7:30 a.m. ANDPAC will bring Congress to you! Enjoy breakfast and the company of other Academy members as you listen to a member of Congress discuss food and nutrition legislation that is impacting you, your career and your community.

ANDPAC Power Breakfast is open to anyone who has given $100 or more to ANDPAC in 2014.

Reserve your seat at this exclusive FNCE® event. Read More About Setting the Table

ANDPAC Power Breakfsat

Academy members meeting with Rep. Gene Green (Texas) at last year's ANDPAC Power Breakfast

VIP Treatment at FNCE®

For the second time, ANDPAC will be offering its top donors VIP treatment during FNCE. Once again ANDPAC donors will have the opportunity to mingle with other politically savvy Academy members while enjoying special treatment.

Perks include a VIP lounge complete with wine, cheese and snacks; a private meet and greet with a member of Congress; preferred seating at special events and much more!

To become a top donor a member must contribute $250 or more to ANDPAC within the year – that’s less than $5 per week!

Give Dietetics a "High Five"

ANDPAC has launched a new program – the High Five Club – that will allow members to automatically donate as little as $5 a month to ANDPAC. Join and sign up for a monthly contribution of $5. ANDPAC donations will automatically be charged to your credit card each month.

Check Your Donation Online

If you want to track your donations online, sign in and click on donation summary. It's that easy! With the donation summary feature you can see your donations in the past two years.

ANDPAC's Impact on the 113th Congress

ANDPAC is very strategic in its spending. So far, ANDPAC has given to 19 Senators, 57 US Representatives and 3 political action committees. It takes advantage of opportunities to build relationships with key members of Congress who share the same political and legislative interests as the Academy.

ANDPAC is bringing nutrition policy to the forefront by discussing our issues with policymakers.